Now My New Favorite Thing, Crotchless Undies

Obsession Crotchless Teddy

In my usual stroll through online lingerie stores, I almost never see anything that really gets my my eye these days. More often than not, it’s the same strap teddy or babydoll with “peekaboo” holes for nipples to stick out. Yet, being so picky, I’m always on the lookout for that sexy something that won’t end up a wadded wrinkled ball sitting in a bag ten years later.

Indeed I found it, something I always overlooked and definitely unappreciated. So now I present… crotchless lingerie.

I purchased an Obsession Diamond Teddy in black on eBay and, true to its name, I’ve been obsessed with it ever since it landed in my horny little hands. Immediately, I slipped on some Oroblu Magie pantyhose then into this beauty which, not only fit perfectly, but looks incredible on me if I say so myself.

I love the ingenious way the teddy uses adjustable elastic leg loops to permit a wide open crotch area. I mean we’re talking front all the way up the ass crack. As my cock starts to bulge through the pantyhose (instead of hanging in open air), I wouldn’t find this typically feminine or appealing. Yet there is a cute little jeweled embellishment that hangs down gently over the bulge giving an appeal to the “present” underneath. I kind of like it actually and think I’ll call it the femme package.

That jeweled bit unfortunately isn’t composed of diamonds but good old cubic zirconia. These same “jewel” embellishments also appear on the shoulder straps to add some sparkle to the area. I do love a bit of 20th century tackiness added to the Obsession teddy giving it a cheap, sexy appeal which happens to be A-OK in my book.

The teddy itself, however, is far from being cheaply made. It’s constructed of the usual nylon/spandex mix yet the patterned fabric appears of higher quality and is nice and soft on the skin. In addition, the soft sheer panel for the back and belly area completes this teddy’s sexy look. These features are well opposed to other teddies or lingerie I’ve purchased in the past  which looks like cheap pantyhose draped on your body.

But now we get to the real detail of the teddy, that nice crotch void. Though,at the moment, revealing a pantyhose encased penis and butt, I can only imagine the possibilities that lie ahead. There could be that  lovely crossdresser ripping the back of the pantyhose and taking me from behind.

Or, fuck it, I rip open the front and proceed to pound away instead. All without the inconvenience of having to take off that gorgeous teddy. It’s so soft, sexy and comfortable, I wouldn’t want to remove it anyway.

Really, though, a crotchless teddy was just made for its sister garment… crotchless or even open-bum pantyhose. Thinking about it now, why on earth do I have on regular pantyhose at the moment when I could have on more crotchless underthings to play in?

Time for another purchase… and maybe something more to add to this review!

12 Comments on “Now My New Favorite Thing, Crotchless Undies

  1. Which particular Oroblu Magie pantyhose style were you wearing? I’ve been thinking about purchasing a pair.

  2. Wow Sheery! That teddy looks fabulous on you! Wish we could see a full frontal and rear views! I can just imagine how hot it would be to see an erect cock straining in it’s pantyhose in that lovely open crotch! I love the idea of crotchless undies or lingerie worn over pantyhose especially since I do so love to see a cock in pantyhose and also because I love to keep my cock in my pantyhose unless there is a nice warm orifice for it to enter. Have you worn the teddy over seamless pantyhose yet? That would be an incredibly sexy view!

  3. @Lisa Yes, I know. I kept the pic a bit G rated. Call it a tease if you will.

    I actually still have never tried seamless pantyhose. The ones I’ve seen are either too thin or too thick denier for me. Still waiting to see if I can snag a pair of Wolford Fatal Neons on eBay. If I get them, you will get a sneak preview of the frontal/rear views 😉

    Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  4. Sheery,

    Thanks for the raging hard-on that your picture and accompanying article elicited in me 🙂

    For seamless hose, I would recommend the Pierre Mantoux brand from They are a bit pricey, but I feel that they are high quality, very sexy, silky and sheer, and make my cock feel oh so nice when I slip into them.


  5. @sheery

    Thanks for the excellent recommendation! Those do look incredibly sexy, and I’m sure myself and your other fans would love to see a picture or two of you in them!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. @bi_hose_fan You’re very welcome! I hope you give them a try too. As for future crotchless lingerie, there may be a teddy in the works in the near future so keep posted!

  7. Just bought one of these Obsessive Diamond Teddies online to wear with my new Wolfords. Also just bought some new silver glitter high heels and a body con dress – so short and slutty, will wear it with my auburn long curly wig. Some sticky scarlet red lip gloss and my white elbow length silk gloves and I’ll be away to orgasm heaven. LOVE you site by the way, Sheery. You’re a good writer too and allow us all to be normal – not the nut jobs we’d probably be described as to those who don’t understand.

    Thing is I have the pleasure of a beautiful fiancé who wears the most fabulous lingerie, pantyhose (called tights here in the UK) and heels and shoes. She also loves basques with suspenders (garters in the US) and stockings, some with seams – She’s so girly and I get sooooo turned on. Her red nails, make up and gorgeous size 10 figure (UK).

    Love you site – keep it up, the masterbation fantasies are excellent – tried the mermaid and exploded – was just heaven. Tranquility.

  8. @JT Thank you so much for your kind words, very much appreciated!

    You are lucky little girl, too, for having a supportive fiance. Hope you both enjoy the Diamond teddy!

    X Sheery

  9. Even wore her black pantyhose to work the other day and told her – sent her a pic – she loved it and said it was funny! Thing is, nothing is as sexy as her in her lingerie – she is drop dead gorgeous, imagine a younger Sheryl Crow (by about 25 years younger) and that’s her.

    Keep going with this site. Is excellent. Also bought some Oriblu Magie 20s. Love them! Go great with my nude 4.5″ peep toe heels!

    And the Obsession Diamond Teddy, wow – oh, and the Fleshlight Stamina you recommended – you’re making me spend my money! But it’s worth it!

    Love your website and your writings.

  10. @Justin My recommendations are tested and now verified! Thanks for commenting… X Sheery

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