Blackmailed, A Reluctant Slave Crossdresser, Part II

Violating a Slave Crossdresser

Part I: I Know Your Secret

* * *

Part II: A Proposition She Couldn’t Refuse

Daniel finally arrives home after a day of casually running errands, just the usual weekend catch up tasks in his normally busy schedule. He enters the lobby of his apartment complex, checks his mailbox and finds inside a letter, completely unmarked of a name or address. “This is odd,” he thinks to himself curiously looking at the envelope as he locks his mailbox and goes upstairs.

As soon as he enters his apartment, he grabs a knife and rips open the envelope to find a letter containing a printed image and a message, seemingly sinister looking in all capital letters. Daniel gasps in shock as he recognizes the image as himself crossdressed in a rather sultry pose on his bed wearing nothing but a teddy and pantyhose. He suddenly remembers now that this could only have come from his “Danielle” Facebook page.

Then he reads the message. “What? Tomorrow night at the corner store?” he thinks out loud to himself. “Is this some kind of joke?” Daniel begins to worry that this appears to be an attempt to blackmail him by outing him as a crossdresser in public.

Little did he know of what was really in store to come, so to speak.

Another long days passes. It is Sunday evening with minutes to spare before the 9:00 PM meeting just around the corner. Normally a day reserved to spend time and have dinner with Jan, Daniel decides to tell her he has work to catch up on. Truth is, he is quite guarded with his crossdressing and would rather die than have Jan find out or, in this case, be around anybody who knows.

8:57 PM, Daniel makes his way downstairs and on to the corner shop shaking nervously along the way. He looks ahead from a distance trying to see if he recognizes anyone, possibly some asshole from work which he suspects. While he doesn’t see anybody he knows, he does spot his neighbor Greg sitting at a table just outside.

“Great,” Daniel thinks, “someone else that needs to find out.”

As Daniel arrives at the store, he stops and says hi to Greg, trying desperately to conceal his worried face.

“Meeting someone?” Greg asks.

“Oh, how did you know?” Daniel responds with a nervous chuckle, catching a quick glimpse around for whomever he is to meet.

“Well, for starters you are right on time,” Greg says with an evil smile. Daniel is stunned into silence.

“Why don’t we go back upstairs and I’ll explain everything to you,” Greg continues. They both begin to walk back to their apartments with a severely awkward silence between the two. Greg appears too busy drooling, anyway, to talk.

It takes what seems like an eternity to arrive back as they finally arrive at the lobby and walk up the stairs. Daniel has the burning urge to blurt out “How did you find out? Why are you doing this?” or, really, just to give Greg one hard punch and knock him out cold. Yet in a moment of calmness he decides to see how this all plays out.

“Come inside,” Greg says gesturing to enter his apartment. It seems like the only option since there was no way in hell he would let him into his own place. Not with the potential dirt, more specifically his pantyhose collection, he could dig up there as evidence. In they both walk to be greeted by Greg’s wife, Alicia, as they walk in closing the door behind them.

“So what’s with the letter?” asks Daniel in an angry tone. “What are you trying to do? Blackmail me?”

“Relax,” Greg says in an intent to calm him down. “We don’t want any money or anything like that.”

“Then what is it you want?” Daniel responds, relieved somewhat.

Greg gives a glancing look to his wife, who responds with an evil smile of her own. Then responds back to Daniel.

“To be honest, we think you are very attractive Danielle. All we want is to have a little fun with you. After all, we don’t want to have to tell that lovely Jan about this, right? Really, though, we’d really hate to have to mail this package to your parents.”

Then Greg handed Daniel a large yellow envelope. Daniel quickly notices his parent’s address was fixed on the label and realizes that the contents inside could be nothing other than more images from his (excuse me, her) Facebook page printed out. Daniel is, again, stunned into silence.

“I’m a private investigator. What did you think?” Greg says eliminating any doubt as to the power he now holds over Danielle. Meanwhile, Alicia walks into her bedroom and returns seconds later with articles of lingerie in her hand. She then lays out for Danielle on the dining room table a black corset, black thong panties and shiny black pantyhose .

“Can you try these on my dear?” she asks Daniel in a sweet, soothing voice but with the same evil smile.

“Relax, go ahead,” Greg adds in an unsuccessful attempt to ease Daniel and get down to business, so to speak.

Daniel, feeling compelled to do as they say without argument, reluctantly takes the lingerie and pantyhose in his own hands and cannot help but to feel mildly aroused by the silky feeling in his hands. This stirs up old fantasies of his of being forced into being a crossdresser slave. Yet the overhanging proposition by Greg and Alicia keeps this fantasy rather subdued.

Daniel sits himself on the sofa, unzips his pants and takes off his t-shirt revealing his slender build which didn’t go unnoticed by Greg, staring at his every move not much different than your run-of-the-mill creep would do. Alicia then hands Daniel a glass of wine, while chugging one of her own with her other hand. Daniel downs it in two gulps believing he’ll need more of those if he is to get through the rest of the day.

Daniel continues to strip down naked then slips on the black pantyhose over his legs, then the thong panties and finally the corset to which Greg was eager to help in tying the back of it. As an afterthought Daniel hoped Alicia didn’t put anything in the wine he just drank, given their bold propensity to blackmail him. Yet the thought soon passed as he turns to look at himself in the large mirror in the dining room.

“You look gorgeous Danielle,” Alicia says in a flirty manner.

“Uh huh,” Greg adds, now appearing more than ever as a creep.

Despite the blackmail against him (or shall we now say her), Danielle feels rather flattered even herself taking notice to how her body molds perfectly in the corset and how lovely her long legs shine in that black tint from the pantyhose. In fact, she even thinks she is enjoying showing off her sexy feminine self in front of others, despite one being a total creep.

But suddenly, Danielle begins to feel a little drowsy, believing it is from gulping the wine after not having eaten all day. The drowsiness all of a sudden turns to dizziness as she immediately has to take a seat on the sofa, right next to a now drooling Greg.

“No way that actually be true!” she thinks to herself as she recalls hoping her wine wasn’t spiked. “You didn’t put…” she says out loud, unable to finish her sentence. She slowly drifts asleep until finally passing out on the sofa moments later.

“Yes I did you sweet little sissy slave,” Alicia says to the sleeping crossdresser beauty, now all theirs.

“Time to get to work,” Greg says to Alicia with an excited smile. Alicia returns that evil smile of hers in agreement.

(To be continued)

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5 comments on “Blackmailed, A Reluctant Slave Crossdresser, Part II
  1. Veronnica/Ronnie says:

    MMMMM, I think I see where this is going….Being turned into a sexual slave is fun and exciting. i know from past experience. Veronnica/ronnie

  2. Sheery says:

    I should have you write the rest of this, you naughty girl you!

  3. Veronnica/Ronnie says:

    LOL, well, what can I say, some of us have skeletons in our closets….with our clothes and heels. lol Veronnica/Ronnie

  4. Sheery says:

    So I hear 😉

  5. Jaymi says:

    I want to become a slutty sex slave

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