Does Anybody Know Where to Get These?

Fuscia Wolford Neon 40 Tights
Image: Art of Gloss

It looks like we already have a winner for pantyhose of the year! In my opinion that is.

With my morning coffee in hand and browsing the pantyhose pages (errr, news), I came across an absolutely gorgeous pair of pink shiny legs at Art of Gloss. That shine is easily recognizable as my coveted Wolford Neon 40 tights (of course there is the label) but the color is something I have never ever seen available: a stunning fuscia.

Of course, I had a look at the availability at the Wolford online store and even did a thorough search on eBay. Nothing.

Later,I tried an exhaustive search on Google. Nada.

Now I can understand that these beautiful pair of tights were likely never readily in stock or, maybe, were just a one-off limited time production. After all, fuscia doesn’t exactly match everyday womanly elegant wear. They are more like a best fit wearing with a shiny blue leotard and yellow leg warmers for a trip to the gym, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I do suspect, however, they were made for either the freak colorblind woman or crossdressing pantyhose enthusiasts like myself who would kill to get a pair of these over their legs and basque in that lovely fuscia glow. Personally, they are by far the sexiest tights I have ever laid my eyes upon.

If you are unfamiliar with Wolford Neon 40 tights then you need to get with the program, otherwise you would already be familiar with their luxurious silky appearance and feel. And that shine like a radioactive glow that makes any pair of legs look like they need to be insured by Lloyd’s.

Add one of my favorite colors to these favorite tights and the result is pantyhose that I absolutely cannot resist. I can already picture myself in my silky fuscia camisole and Wolfords, maybe adding some of my fuscia lipstick and a little lip gloss to match my silken shiny body and legs.

So, if it isn’t obvious, I need a pair right this second. Fast.

Sure, I can slip on another one of my pairs of Neon 40. In fact, I have the cosmetic color on right now (with the fuscia camisole, no lipstick) fantasizing about my to-be or not-to-be fuscia brightened legs. In the meantime, I can only hope and wish out loud with a call to the public.

Where can I get my legs in these?

2 Comments on “Does Anybody Know Where to Get These?

  1. love the color those are hot don’t have those in that brand but do have ones in a different brand not sure the name got them from ebay was $35 I do believe

  2. by the way the seller was lynntv on ebay I have them in petrol, mauve, purple, pink which is a fuscia color and one other color just love glossy hose

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