Don’t Mind the Pantyhose, Just Untie Me, Part 1


On his day off from work around noontime, Sam dries himself after a shower and slips into his favorite pair of Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose in a gobi (suntan) color. He grabs his strands of nylon cord, sits on his bed and begins to go to work.

Starting with the ankles, he brings them together, wraps the cord around and around tightly binding them, then makes several loops around in the center, cinching his ankles together nice and tight. He finishes it off with a knot guaranteed not to undo itself.

He repeats this step, now with his knees, and finds an erection jutting out from wiggling his pantyhosed legs together testing the bounded knots.

Sam loves to be tightly bound wearing nothing but pantyhose, a unique take on the fetish if you will. He found long ago that, while “struggling” to break free, hog-tied and on his belly, he can masturbate by grinding his cock on the bed. It’s a bit of exercise, too, but very satisfying to him nonetheless.

However, the tricky part comes binding the wrists and joining those to the ankles (i.e. the hog-tie) while face down. While the satisfaction of bondage is directly proportional to how well bound you are, self-bondage requires an escape, or tying a slip knot which can be pulled to free yourself. This is commonly referred to as rule #1.

Sam, though, has done this time and time again, practically an expert in his cute little fetish. He takes a longer stand of cord, makes a few loops around the ankles again and knots it in place leaving plenty of cord to later join with the bound wrists.

Speaking of wrists, he expertly ties them together behind his back using the same technique as with the ankles and knees. He then rolls on to his belly, while  still on the bed, for the final tie to the ankles. He blindly reaches for the loose strands hanging from his ankles and slowly ties them and the bound wrists together, completed with the slip knot. Ready to go.

He now begins his slow grind on the bed, enjoying the slipperiness of the Wolfords over his satin sheets and playfully squirming in his bound fantasy. Minutes later, just before he releasing his load, however, Sam becomes alarmed at something he is just now noticing.

“Uh oh,” he is thinking. The loop in the slip knot came out and the resulting knot tightened in his erotic struggle. Now he is 100 percent bound and can’t break free. Worse, being hog-tied, there is no knife or pair of scissors around, forgetting and breaking rule #2 of self-bondage. Now he really tries to struggle free but only succeedsin making the bound knots tighter.

What to do? Sam’s options are severely limited, yet he quickly remembers that his neighbor, Tanya, has a key to his house in case of emergencies. This one counts he supposes.

The window above the bed is open and she could probably hear him if he screamed her name. There will be some extreme embarrassment after she sees him roped up but there doesn’t appear to be much of a choice left.

“Tanya!” he screams. He waits, no response.

“TANYA!” he repeats, over and over. “TAN-YA!”

Finally he hears a voice through the wooden fence separating their houses.

“Sam? Are you OK?”

Sam replies, “Hi Tanya, I’m fine but I need some help here. Can you use you key and come inside here?”

“Sure, what happened?” Tanya asks.

“I’ll tell you when you get here,” Sam replies.

Tanya is a divorced mom in her 40’s and Sam’s neighbor and friend. Sam always thought of her as a MILF yet they never went past the friendship barrier, partially due to the fact that Tanya’s 10 year old son, Brian, was around most of the time but, at the moment, was off at school. Sam has a pretty good idea of what Tanya will think of him in a few short moments.

He hears the key turn in his front door and Tanya walking into his house. “Sam? Where are you?” she asks.

“Over here,” he reluctantly says.

As Tanya walks into the bedroom, she can’t believe what is on display. In fact, she is in so much disbelief, she is left speechless. Not surprisingly, Sam is as well.

“Can you get me out of this?” Sam asks, breaking the silence. “There is a knife in the kitchen.”

Tanya couldn’t help but to ponder situation laid before her: a handsome, young man helplessly bound and wearing nothing but a pair of shiny pantyhose. While she never imagined in a million years that Sam has this wild pantyhose bondage fantasy, she was rather surprised at finding herself becoming aroused by it.

The sight turned turned her on as if she was looking at some weird fetish porn. Add to it the fact that raising her son has left her sex life non-existent, she begins to relish that feeling of being horny once again.

“OK, I’ll be right back.” she says heading for the kitchen but actually leaving through the front door.

Sam is puzzled, “Are you still there?” No reply.

Tanya runs back home, overcome by the reignited sex drive she hadn’t experience in years. Instinctively, she heads to her bedroom, strips off her jeans and panties, unlocks one of her drawers and takes out a strap-on and a bottle of lube. She quickly dusts off the strap-on, puts it on and throws on her jeans over it. She laughs to herself at the new bulge in the front of her crotch.

“Now off to ‘help’ Sam,” she thinks to herself as she grabs the lube, locks her door and heads back to Sam’s house.

(to be continued)

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4 comments on “Don’t Mind the Pantyhose, Just Untie Me, Part 1
  1. simtd5 says:

    hot story…..please continue this story……I would like to be Sam.

  2. Bobby says:

    Great story! Looking forward to reading more!

  3. does any woman like to see a man in their clothes or something else that they want to see if they want her to make sure they are in her sexiest underwear

  4. PantyhoseMike says:

    Oh fuck… This looks promising…. #evilgrin

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