Wolford Fatal Neon, The Queen of the Pantyhose Kingdom

eBay - Wolford Fatal Neon, Sold!

Arguably, a favorite pantyhose among enthusiasts (such as yours truly) is the revered Wolford Neon 40. It’s everything you want in pantyhose: silky, shiny, comfortable, durable and looks incredibly hot on any pair of legs. Yet there is one type of Wolfords, unfortunately discontinued for a number of years, that trumps even the Neon 40.

The Wolford Fatal Neon.

The Fatal Neon is essentially the same Neon 40 but with no seams whatsoever. It is also so rare, that it is incredibly difficult to find even on eBay. Yet, once in a blue moon, you can come across a listing like the one above. Sure, these went for $400+ but they were snatched up within a week. This must be a lucky week because there is another listing of Fatal Neon for only $699 (as of May 23, 2013).

Might as well go all out on some Louboutin heels while you’re at it.

Personally, if I had a pair of the Fatals, I don’t believe I would be able to stop cumming in them for weeks after putting them on. If you’re not convinced, have a peek of what they look like on models here and here and tell me you wouldn’t do the same yourself.

Yet despite the extreme, sexy lure of the Fatals, I think I’ll forgo spending the hundreds of dollars and use it on maybe three pairs of Neon 40, a couple skirts and new heels instead. I’ll still have enough leftover for some board shorts for the beach and a vodka bender later tonight.

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