Don’t Mind the Pantyhose, Just Untie Me, Part 2

Part 2 of 2 where a neighbor decides to go beyond helping her fellow neighbor from his bondage in pantyhose fantasy.

Part 1: Discovered

* * *


Tanya finally returns to Sam’s house, enters and heads directly to his bedroom where he still lies helplessly hog-tied with just a pair of Wolford pantyhose on.

“I must be a dumb blonde. I couldn’t find a knife so I went home and got one, ” she says, quite obviously a lie.

Sam, still deep in embarrassment, welcomed the delay trying to come up with some kind of explanation for his predicament. He thought up a story about his “girlfriend” getting off on making him wear pantyhose, then tying him up. She just happened to have left momentarily to make him suffer a little bit. You know, Tanya just might buy it actually.

“That’s OK. Just get me out of this,” he says with urgency.

The irony is that Tanya really didn’t care how or why this strange pantyhose bondage fetish of Sam’s was unfolding in front of her. She just finds this scenario making her out-of-this-world horny. She has always had a thing for Sam, but seeing him helplessly squirming around all tied up turned her on quite a lot.

“Your pantyhose looks rather sexy on you,” she says somewhat jokingly. “Where did you get those?”

Sam quickly rehearses his story he is about to give her in his head. “Well, my girlfriend Nina was just here and…”

Not letting Sam finish his sentence, Tanya pulls out the ball gag from her pocket, and with both hands, quickly places it over his mouth and cinches it tight. So tight, in fact, he tries to scream about what the hell is happening to him. Unfortunately no one but Tanya can hear his muffled yells.

She wastes no time in pulling off her jeans, revealing the 8 inch strap-on, and moistening it down with the lube she brought along. Next, she pulls Sam’s bound legs to the edge of the bed in front of her and carefully undoes the tightened knots at his knees, removing the cord and leaving easier access at his cute little ass.

Tanya now pulls Sam, still lying face down, closer to the edge of the bed bringing his ass to within striking range of the strap-on. Using her own knees, she spreads his knees apart and begins tearing a hole in the back of his pantyhose. Sam, in shock of what is happening, suddenly realizes what is about to transpire.

Yet there is nothing he can do to stop it.

She spreads his ass wide and begins to slowly penetrate with the strap-on. A moan comes from Sam but, whether it is from pain or pleasure, Tanya doesn’t really care at all. The dildo reaches further and further up his backdoor. It seems almost too easy, as if he had done this before.

“Ooh, you like it don’t you?” Tanya says, knowing what the answer is, as she now slaps his ass and begins to thrust faster and faster.

Sam continues his moaning, but this time sounding more like mumbled pleasure. Tanya becomes so turned on, she reaches down below her strap-on and begins to finger herself, continuing to pound his ass without missing a beat.

And pounding, and pounding…

Until finally she feels he has had enough. Out comes the dildo as she wipes it clean with one of Sam’s t-shirts lying on the floor. Out of curiosity, Tanya turns Sam on his side to view what she has suspected all along: his erect cock trying to break through the front of his pantyhose.

“So you do like it, you little slut,” she says. A mumble comes from Sam, likely a “sure do.”

But Tanya isn’t finished yet.

She props Sam up so he is lying on his back and over his still-tied arms. His wrists are still tied to his ankles so his knees now stick straight up in the air. Tanya grabs the cord she had removed earlier and ties his his knees together, bound yet once again. She then takes off her strap-on and prepares for the second round.

Tanya mounts Sam, grabs his still-hard rod from underneath the Wolfords and hurriedly inserts it in her dripping wet pussy. Hugging his pantyhose covered legs for support, she wildly swings her hips up and down expertly fucking him, the whole scene appearing as if she is fighting for the lead in the Kentucky Derby.

Sam returns to his muffled moaning. This time, for sure, he is enjoying it.

Faster and faster she goes until she felt the unmistakable burst of love juice coming from inside her and lubing down what were the final thrusts until she came as well. Tanya, in exhaustion, unmounts her “horse,” positions Sam on his side and removes the ball gag from his mouth.

Yet there was a complete silence between the two. Just two neighbors basking in the aftermath of what could arguably be the fuck of their lives, as strange as the situation was.

Tanya wipes herself clean with another t-shirt of Sam’s on the floor, throws on her jeans again and picks up her “tools” used on Sam. She begins to leave when he interrupts her.

“Are you going to untie me?” Sam asks.

“I really need to leave now. Your girlfriend might come back any second,” Tanya replies with a smile.

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2 comments on “Don’t Mind the Pantyhose, Just Untie Me, Part 2
  1. silkytights says:

    Mmmm that was incredibly erotic and amazing I was so hard through my hose my precum tastes delicious. Mmmmm thank you. Xx

  2. PantyhoseMike says:

    More….. More…. MORE!!!!

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