Top Ten Excuses When You Are Caught in Pantyhose

For anyone who has a pantyhose fetish, like yours truly, over a lifetime you are destined to be caught at least once slipping on those silky pantyhose with a deer-in-headlights look on your face. Here are a list of proven excuses to help ease the situation.

1. I got a run in my sock and these were all that were left.

2. Hello, they’re MANTYhose!

3. They always say nothing beats a great pair of Leggs.

4. There is no way I could go out in public with these unsightly veins showing.

5. Oops, I was drinking earlier. I thought these were my underwear.

6. Pantyhose are known to provide the perfect even compression, thus improving the circulation and appearance of the legs. My dad told me this.

7. I was just curious as to what all this SPANX craze is about, that’s all.

8. Nothing to worry about, just getting a head start on Halloween.

9. OK, but it’s not like I wear your panties and makeup (lie).

10. Alright, fine. I’m gay.

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