Platonic Friends and Unexpected Encounters, Part 2

Adam loves black pantyhose (credit: WendySuntan)

Adam loves black pantyhose (credit: WendySuntan)

We come to Part 2, continuing on with the story of two friends having an innocent drink at a bar, a crossdresser and a gay male (insert joke here).

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* * *

Let’s Play Dress Up

Both Adam and I make the short walk to my place, half a block away. We enter and Adam sprawls himself in comfort on the sofa while I immediately head to the refrigerator and grab a couple bottles of beer.

My nervousness has calmed down slightly but I still feel rather giddy. This takes me years back (a lot of years) to when I was on my very first date with a girl named Mandy. Completely nervous and trembling the whole time, I was so excited about being on an actual date that it was too hard to contain.

“But me and Adam?” I’m thinking. We’re two friends and, while he may understand my feminine fetish and even crossdress himself, I don’t believe he gets a kick out of it. Besides, I’m not into men so nothing could happen between us.

Yet the night is still long, or so they say.

I hand Adam his beer while he notices the computer at my desk, near the sofa, is still on.

“So, you said you have pictures of your own did you not?” he says jokingly.

I zip one back at him, “Yes, but people have to pay with their credit card to view.”

He then pulls out his wallet, opens it and pulls out a Visa card to hand to me. “OK, let’s see now.”

“Touche my friend,” is the look I gave him.

Now, in my head, I’m scrambling to figure out which photos to show. I must have hundreds of photos of myself wearing various lingerie in a hundred shades of pantyhose in a million different poses. I try to remember where my most flattering, feminine photos were on the computer.

I guess this is what a model would do trying to set herself up with a gig at Victoria’s Secret.

With a bit of apprehension, I open to a folder with photos taken about a month ago. I’m wearing my favorite sexy black babydoll, Wolford Neon pantyhose in a natural shade, wig, makeup and a smile. They are shots of me lying on my bed in an array of contortions  all taken from a camera mounted on a tripod with a timer.

I open them up the picture viewer for Adam to view and begin to stare intently at his reaction.

“You really should charge people to view these.” he says in a tone of surprise as he flips through one photo after another.

I’m incredibly flattered.

Suddenly I remember more photos I want to show him: me in a red satin teddy and Oroblu Magie pantyhose in a light suntan color. I open up the folder and, again, study his reaction.

“My, that really flatters you figure,” he complimented, seemingly turned on as if he were a teen going through a Playboy magazine.

“Can you try that teddy on for me?” he asks but this time with a look of seriousness. I begin to blush.

“Why… sure,” I reply after a pause, taking another swig of my beer.  Suddenly, I realize the casual flirtation is taking  a step into what is, for me, the unknown. I mean, I don’t have any feelings for Adam but the thought of putting on something silky and sexy and revealing my feminine side seemed to turn me on but in an exhibitionist sort of way.

I make my way to the closet in my bedroom, trembling in excitement. Adam follows like a faithful puppy, curious to see what lies within.

There, hanging on the coat rack, is the collection of babydolls, teddies, chemises and other “club wear” in a variety of mostly blacks and reds plus other pastel colors. Adam goes through each piece, picking out those he likes and holding it up to his chest as if thinking, “How would this look on me?”

I then go to the drawer in the back of the closet and open the top one revealing what must be at least fifty pairs of pantyhose “used” at least a few times each. I pull out the exact pair of  Oroblu Magie that Adam lustfully stared at in the photos and then open the drawer beneath, where I keep pantyhose still new in their packaging. There must be another thirty new pairs inside.

I pull out a brand new pair of black Cecilia de Rafael pantyhose that Adam has so wanted to try on and hand it to him, smiling of course.

“Oh, aren’t you cute,” he replies smiling back.

I turn around and reach for the red satin teddy (same from the photos) and also a black chemise from the rack, hand the chemise to Adam and whisper, “This goes great with black pantyhose.”

“You little slut,” he replies back.

We then exit the closet, sit on my bed and, simultaneously strip off our male attire, which amounts to everything we had on. Next, we begin to don our chosen pieces of lingerie then the pantyhose. I slowly but playfully slide on my Oroblus, first on my right then my left leg and pull them up to my waist in one fast swoop. Something I’ve done a million times before.

I fasten the snaps on the crotch of my teddy, stand up and admire myself in the mirror. First the front side then turning around to check out my ass, making a few adjustments so everything looks perfect for my “friend.”

Adam obviously catches the show (which I was hoping) as he slips on the Cecilia de Rafaels. He then takes his turn at the mirror performing his own little show as if trying to outdo me. It works, doing so in a way so feminine and natural that I find it, not only incredibly alluring, but oh so sexy.

Adam turns away from the mirror and stands just in front me where I am sitting on the bed, relaxed with my arms outstretched holding me up and my legs crossed. I can feel the silky smoothness as his thigh just barely caresses my foot dangling from my crossed leg.

At this point, I’m incredibly turned on as I no longer see in front of me the male I was talking to in the bar a half hour ago but, instead, another crossdresser like myself. How sexy Adam looked, too, in that black chemise and pantyhose. While I can’t hide my now-visible arousal, neither can he as I notice his erection forming pretty much right in my face.

I can’t resist taking my right finger and caressing it slowly from his hip down his thigh as he let’s out the most subtle sound of pleasure.

(To be continued)

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3 comments on “Platonic Friends and Unexpected Encounters, Part 2
  1. Charlie says:

    I don’t think I could have been as restrained as you were. I would so love to have been you at that point. I can’t wait to read the third installment!

  2. Charlie says:

    oh and by the way, Adam has fabulous legs-I’d love to worship them!

  3. Sheery says:

    It’s cumming soon. Don’t worry!

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