So You Love Your Pantyhose, Have You Taken The Next Step?

Naked in Pantyhose

Odds are that if you are reading this right now then you quite have the pantyhose fetish. You probably even have on a pair right this moment slowly massaging your growing hard-on as you are reading on these words like an erotic fantasy. Don’t be shy or afraid to admit it (I’m not as I am writing this). Let your lust for silky nylon take over and dominate you.

Now I ask, is that all you have on, just a favorite pair of pantyhose from a cache full of others of varying types?

If you’ve moved on to crossdressing (clearly not forgetting the tights either), then you can move on to something a little more “advanced” to wet your self-feminine lust for now.

However, if slipping into pantyhose for playtime is only your thing then this isn’t a knock on you of course. After all, it was for me for many years in my younger days. That is, until I discovered how sexy and gratifying it is exploring other aspects of feminine allure from more than just a sheer undergarment.

This would be commonly referred to (by “us” of course) as the start of crossdressing. While, technically, fooling around in just your tights or pantyhose would be considered a fetish, by those who consider themselves knowledgeable, this really is an initial stage of crossdressing that is dying for exploration by the curious.

If, you’re like me then pantyhose will always be the primary focal point of your en femme fantasies. Yet, if you haven’t yet tried out throwing on some sexy lingerie over those tights or maybe a tight mini-dress and stiletto heels to go with them, go steal them from your girlfriend or mom. Then slowly fall in love with yourself as you stare into that full-length mirror.

What really seals the deal, however, is ripping away those layers of women’s outer attire, reaching under your pantyhose to pull out your painfully hard member and stroking it while pretending you’re the most sexy woman out there. You’ll never forget that first orgasm with heels on though I suggest you not come in them, just so you know.

Yet the fantasy doesn’t stop there. Immersing yourself completely in your emerging femininity opens the door to being curious about many things as a woman. Ever wonder what it is like masturbating or being fucked like a woman? No one will stop you from trying out that vibrator from behind closed doors.

Try it! It hurts the first time (like it should) but just remember to use a lot of lube.

Oh then, finally, we get to the more advanced topics of the crossdresser lifestyle which is prying yourself out of the closet and finding friends or partners to share the experience. Genetic women who are understanding of the lifestyle are always a pleasure even though they are hard to find, or should I say, hard to admit it to.

But other crossdressers and transvestites, who are of course sympathetic, are even more fun to get to know. Plus they can help you act out your “getting fucked” fantasy if you know what I mean. Maybe that is for another day though 😉

Until these unforgettable times, though, there is nothing taboo about exploring the crossdressing side of you. It’s just a matter of thinking past the pantyhose “fetish” and letting your emerging fantasies lead the way… the dirtier the better.

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10 comments on “So You Love Your Pantyhose, Have You Taken The Next Step?
  1. ironside says:

    That was so funny. I am wearing pantyhose under my beans at work. I had a talk with my wife this morning about my pantyhose fetish. She says I should always want her or me to wear them just for me to get excited. But I told yes I do. It is who I am and how I am. With us living in the US it hard for me to fling the right pair for her or to wear. Ugh I am so frustrated. Why is it so hard for women to understand men love pantyhose. I need help here. Also she is not wanting to have sex as much anymore as when we first got together. I praise her on how she looks all the time in pantyhose, but nothing seems to work.

  2. Pantyhose n Poppers Queen says:

    Hi Sheery and wishing you a belated Happy New Year!

    Hope it’s been a good one so far.

    Sexy story, I can totally relate to everything you have written. Will you allow me to share my origin story with you and your readers?

    My First Time

    My fixation for wearing pantyhose started when I was around 11-12 years of age. One day during the school holidays, my parents were at work and I was home alone. Feeling bored I went into my parent’s bedroom and there I saw a pair of my mum’s pantyhose lying on her bedroom floor. I don’t know what made me do it, but I had this strange yet overpowering urge to try them on.

    (Even now all these years later, just the sight of a pair of worn, sheer, crumpled up, flesh-coloured, low denier pantyhose lying on the floor is still enough to make me hard. Over my formative years I have borrowed my mum’s pantyhose, stolen them and my brother’s girlfriend’s and picked up worn pantyhose lying in the street, but that is another story)

    I had only recently discovered masturbating and I remember that during those early sexually formative years, I was pulling myself off up to three to four times a day. I guess I was very highly sexed, you could say maybe a typical teenage boy, but little did I know then that my primary sexual fixation was not going to be for girls, rather it was going to be for those all-encasing ultimate-female garments; pantyhose!

    Back to the bedroom, with trembling hands, I took off my jeans and underpants but before I could put the pantyhose on I tantalizingly and gingerly had to untangle my mum’s panties from them. Additionally, I also had to carefully unknot them as they were all rucked up, almost too knotted to straighten out.

    (I have lost count over the years the number of times after masturbating in pantyhose how I have so very quickly, through guilt, whipped them off, only for them to be almost impossible to unknot afterwards.)

    After what seemed an age, the pantyhose were all ready to be worn so I carefully gathered up the left leg and gingerly put my left foot into the awaiting nylon hole. The moment the sheer nylon touched my foot then ankle, shins and knee was absolute ecstasy, I could barely contain myself. By this stage I was shaking with sexual tension all over, I don’t know how I managed to get my other leg into the delicious sheer nylon. Once the pantyhose were up to my kneecaps, I stood up and pulled the remaining nylon over my thighs and then over my throbbing cock and ass. I thought I was going to pass out with excitement. I turned to look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how nice my legs, ass and cock felt and looked wearing these pantyhose. My face was totally flushed with anticipation and desire. I could feel the blood pumping in my head, my heart beating so fast and the beautiful sight of my nylon-encased throbbing erection. Almost immediately I pulled just enough of the pantyhose down to release my cock. Out it sprang and immediately I grabbed it and started to furiously wank myself off. I must have come within seconds but it seemed that a much, much longer period of time had elapsed. My orgasm was immense, intense, huge and all-encompassing, with lots of freshly made cum spurting out all over the mirror and my hand. Being so new to masturbating, I was still shocked at the sight and feel of cum, all this added to the huge mix of emotions I was now beginning to feel; first relief, then guilt, embarrassment, feeling dirty and then confused.

    With mounting horror, I then started to feel fear, fear of being discovered and fear of being a homosexual. Could I really be gay? Something that had always haunted me was a sexual relationship I had had as an 8 year old with a 14 year old boy. Yet I had always had crushes on and fancied girls. What was happening to me?

    Again trembling, but this time through fear, I carefully unrolled the pantyhose, rearranged the panties in them and attempted to leave the “scene of the crime” as untouched as possible.

    My sexuality was never again to be the same after that fateful day. For 34 years I have played cat and mouse with my fetish; so much pain, so much pleasure.

    My story has been a voyage, an adventure and sometimes a nightmare.

    So many stories I want to share with you and yet the voyage continues.

    Would I change anything? Would I hell!

    Until next time,

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  3. Sheery says:

    I think it was a major step you took to discuss this with your wife but maybe you need to sit down with her again and see what is really on her mind concerning your pantyhose fetish. Even though everything is out in the open, she may still have questions that need answering.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. ironside says:

    Thanks for your reply. I did ask her if she had any questions on this subject, but she said no. I still have no idea what to do. but I do appreciate you trying to help. Thank you. If you have anymore ideas please let me know.

  5. Sheery says:

    While I don’t know your wife, it may be possible that she is withholding her true feelings and is afraid to reveal them. One question to ask that might get her attention is “Do you really want me to stop?”

    I sincerely hope you get through your ordeal!

  6. ironside says:

    Thanks for your sympathy, I really do appreciate it. I have ask her if she would like me to stop. She says that no she doesn’t want me to stop. She says she doesn’t mind the fact I have a pantyhose fetish. But she likes the control of it and the control of me in the bedroom. I told her that its all and good but I want her to wear pantyhose more often. Her words to me was they are to uncomfortable and tend to want to cut her in half at the waist. I have been trying to find some in the US that don’t have that problem, buy of course there isn’t any. I don’t know what to buy her or me to releave this problem. Maybe that is the help I need and it sounds like you might be the expert I was looking for.

  7. Lisa T says:

    As a lifelong pantyhose lover/fetishist I can say that my love of pantyhose led me over a period of years, to being a transvestite, going out to dinner, shopping at the mall, going to clubs, and dating other tgirls. And while I really enjoyed and still do enjoy being completely dressed, it was really all about enhancing the love I have for wearing my pantyhose. I spend as much time as possible in pantyhose; under my male cloths, and my sleepwear is a pair of pantyhose and a silky microfiber tee. If I wear tights, stockings, or leggings, which I do a lot, I always wear them over a pair of pantyhose. I’ve spent years experimenting and finding fun and stimulating things to do while wearing pantyhose, both solo activities and when having sex with a partner. I just discovered your site and have really enjoyed your confessions and hope I can continue to add a comment now and then from my own experience as a pantyhose loving tgirl!

  8. Sheery says:

    Thanks Lisa, I’m glad you enjoy the site and I can definitely relate to your love of pantyhose! X

  9. Kim Cummings says:

    Hot T-girls with luscious breasts in lingerie and heels gets me going. Mom was good but tight boi pussy is good too.

  10. Kim Cummings says:

    I love wearing pantyhose and high heels. I originally bought “SHEER ENERGY SUPPORT ALL SHEER TO THE WAIST PANTYHOSE.” That’s when the internet didn’t exist. Now I can find tights and pantyhose from Europe that are far superior to anything I’ve ever found before. Expensive yes, but once you’ve slipped into a pair of 40.00 pantyhose you’ll experience the finer quality pantyhose available. I enjoy Rafael de Cecilia pantyhose from Spain also. They are more delicate but incredibly silky and they are what the airline stewardesses wear. It seems women don’t wear pantyhose as much but that’s alright because I have exceptionally long legs and in high heels even longer. I admit to being a. narcissistic person but my girlfriend loves to see me in them.

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