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Finally, The Encounter (Part 3)

Action time! I break out of my “disguise” of jeans and t-shirt to reveal my silky fuscia babydoll and Wolford pantyhose to the lovely Racquel. What a feeling of finally sharing my sexy girly side with another.

My girly cock was thinking the same thing too.

I lied down on her bed and caressed her black stockings with my hosed legs as she approached me. Then the unthinkable happened. She begins to strip down the Wolfords. Uh-oh, instant turn-off.

I don’t think Racquel particularly minded the lingerie and pantyhose (I believe she even called it “cute”) but only saw it as a barrier to her real desire: get right to the cock.

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Peeking Outside the Closet, I Like the View! (Part 2)

In case you haven’t read my last post, I was on the verge of taking a major life turn by venturing out of the lingerie closet and into the transgendered world. Just some mingling with the girls.

In other words, I was starved for a girly hookup. So why not just do it? Mosey on down to the nearest gay bar or, even better, a gay-friendly neighborhood and everything will probably take care of itself. That was the plan anyway.

Time to prepare. Shower, shave (everything of course), clean my ass and slip on my favorite silky fuscia babydoll and some Woldford pantyhose. OK, I’m an absolute little bitch when it comes to going out in any kind of fem, so a disguise of jeans and a t-shirt went over these.

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Desperately Seeking Susan

Not too long ago, after a failed attempt at seducing a (real) woman, I came to a sudden conclusion.

A little background first. It has always been a deep, dark fantasy of mine to hook up with another transvestite but living it out in real life carries some issues, especially for a crossdresser that has been hetero all her life.

• I’ll be crossing into the bisexual barrier with no turning back. I have nothing but respect for being gay or bisexual, but it’s a major decision for someone who has has only known being hetero, you know.

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Crossdressing to Bi-Curious, Did I Miss Something?

It’s time for a new way to express myself sexually but in the context of a women. So fantasies of being a slut or porno star and getting gangbanged enter the picture. In other words, how sexy would it be to be fucked for a change? Or suck the proverbial golf ball through the garden hose?

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All En Femme and Horny, Now What?

For some, like myself, being a crossdresser has the rather sad outcome of having to masturbate to relieve that burning tension that occurs frequently. Although I can say that I’ve had a great jerk-off here or there, relying on masturbation alone is, face it, fairly one dimensional and boring. Of course I’d love to share this with another but, well, there’s that whole closet thing I’m locked in.

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