Ten Reasons Why My Life Will Never Be the Same With Pantyhose

Wolford pantyhose and string teddy

I quite simply love pantyhose. It’s hard, though, to love something so much and not have it change your life in some way, if maybe a little perverted. Yet perversion is lovely, fun and sexy thing to dwell in so here are my reasons why my life will never be the same with pantyhose. Well, besides the obvious really…

10. Three words: hand wash, ugh.

9. The razor for my legs is more expensive than the one for my face.

8. I say things now such as, “bare legs… ewww!”

7. I spend more on a pair of pantyhose than on a date.

6. Suntan has a whole new happier meaning now.

5. Not to mention, the word “Gobi” is magically arousing.

4. I’ve taken up robbing convenience stores just to reuse old pantyhose.

3. I’ve developed an extreme allergy to velcro.

2. I find pantyhose the perfect tight, sheer and glossy replacement for pants.

1. OK, it’s really a gateway drug to lingerie, dresses, lipstick and the temptation of a sex change.

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3 comments on “Ten Reasons Why My Life Will Never Be the Same With Pantyhose
  1. Darling2 says:

    Oh yes,
    As for me it didn’t really change anything ’cause i still in the wradrobe and it probably remain this way…anyway it’s for my own pleasure, my sensuality towards PANTYHOSE, since when i discovered these mmm feel so good on my legs, my ass, my penis and my hole…so tight. The only chnge i could see is all the other accessories that came much lataer, leotard, shoes, make up…
    I have all that now and have fun transformaing myself…filming me and getting excited and hard ’til i cum…

  2. Kelly D says:

    this is so true, except #1, I got stuck on nylon


  3. Sheery says:

    @KellyD Only nylon is all good in my book… but maybe you’ll see the sensualness of a lipstick smudge on your pantyhose one day 😉

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