Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Stop Crossdressing

Probably most of us, the crossdressers of the world, have gone through a phase at some point where we ponder giving up our longtime perversions for the “normal” life of a manly man. If this happens, I say go for it and give up the girly goods all the way. Here are ten reasons to get you going.

10. You try to pass for a woman but can’t really get past “man.”

9. There was that one really painful tucking incident you don’t ever want to repeat again.

8. Mom’s muumuu and large cotton panties aren’t as satisfying as before.

7. Pantyhose seems to be falling out of favor for bare, hairy legs with women. Might as well follow suit.

6. Your parents told you to.

5. Then God had a word with you.

4. Time to forget those lowly crossdressers and upgrade to a transsexual.

3. Nasty breakup with the one single girl in the world that actually liked your crossdressing.

2. Spanx just can’t hold you back any further nowadays.

1. You’re in dire need to come out of the closet as a heterosexual male.

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2 comments on “Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Stop Crossdressing
  1. Gezza says:

    Interesting to read on TVChiks members profiles that a number of “girls” go through phases of throwing (or even burning) their entire feminine wardrobe and try to get back to being manly. Only to find a few days/weeks/months down the line, they regretted it and start buying again.

  2. Sheery says:

    It is quite common although, personally, I could never throw out my beloved collection of pantyhose and lingerie.

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