Top Ten Ways To Quit Your Crossdressing

There were many a day in the past where I’ve had that same conversation with myself, then repeatedly came to the same conclusion: So when am I going to quit my crossdressing once and for all? I remember that time when I moved out of my parent’s house to go to college when I knew for sure I’d ditch that, ahem, filthy (but fun) habit. That went well. Or maybe it was that time when I was in pantyhose looking at the mirror at the hair on my legs all squished up, again I thought why keep doing this? Since then I’ve shaved my legs periodically.

So maybe you’ll have better luck and to give you a little nudge, here are the top ten ways you can quit your dirty, filthy (but maybe fun?) habit of yours.

10. Stop? Why? Everyone is doing it nowadays so get with the program boomer!

9. Try going to your local church. I hear they will straighten you out with God or something after you confess your “sins.”

8. Maybe get that sex change operation you were thinking about. Then it would no longer be crossdressing.

7. Take up a different fetish… like the foot one.

6. Just throw out all your feminine clothes, makeup, heels, etc, simple as that! Oh wait, you mean it is a compulsion? Well, leave yourself a bra and panties just to be sure you’ll be OK.

5. The next time you get the urge to slip into pantyhose or lingerie, think about your Mom catching you again. Yeah that was fun, wasn’t it?

4. Better yet, think about your Dad catching you. Oh yeah, that will make you quit for sure.

3. Donate all your all your feminine clothes, makeup, heels, etc to your sister as a gift. Consider it payback for when you stole all her stuff years ago you thief!

2. If you don’t stop, I’ll send all those cute little photos of miss you to all your friends and family. Oh believe me, I see them on your computer, especially you in that little black dress you naughty little thing you.

1. Why, you are gay already. Start dressing like a proper gay man!

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2 comments on “Top Ten Ways To Quit Your Crossdressing
  1. Beth says:

    Too funny Sheery, as a 56 yr veteran of intense pantyhose and nylon love and full on crossdressing for 45 yrs at every opportunity I can say this is an incurable affliction and who in their right mind would want to stop lol.

  2. Sheery says:

    @Beth That was exactly my mindset as I was writing. Get out while you can!

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