So I Slipped Into Pantyhose Today, Again …

Me in a Wolford Bodysuit and Neon 40 pantyhose

Like countless times before, I find myself sitting down with a cup of coffee in hand and legs draped in my favorite black Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose. I notice a little wear on the heel but, no problem, I have more (yes, more than one) of the same colored Wolford in case of a quick need to replace them. Or maybe a special night out on the town. Yeah right, I’ll be staying in tonight.

Anyway, while I scroll through the news on my mobile, I wiggle my toes and admire that ever-present shine, something I’ve also done a million times. I figure I should be bored of this by now but I’m not. I feel great wearing my most prized garment. Actually not just great but really comforted over my lower half, like a cross between silky tactile pleasure and a nice warm hug from a good friend.

Of course I’m also wearing a bodysuit like in the image above (not the same one though) and a short silky robe to round out my household look. Yet I kind of look at them as adornments to how killer I think my legs look in Wolford pantyhose. I mention Wolford since they are my favorite pantyhose at the moment but these could very well be one my other Oroblu, Pierre Mantoux or even Danskin tights I’ll slip into every once in a while.

Now, to say I have a pantyhose fetish makes me laugh and cry out loud. Of course I use to download those JPEG images and watch any kind of videos where pantyhose was the star (yes porn too, OK?). Not to mention gaze at lovely women wearing those shiny tights from behind my sunglasses. I’ve jerked off plenty of times with nothing more than the closest pair of tights and a hand and, if I do a hard search, I’m pretty sure I can come up with a pair of cum-stained hose that I could try on again for a quick chuckle.

Right here, right now with my shiny legs propped up on the coffee table is not a fetish anymore though. I’m well beyond the days of getting my jollies or, what I would consider, the “pervert” days. You can call me wrong and say it is still by definition a fetish, but I’m well beyond that now. Pantyhose are like a longtime friend that treats me right and makes me feel… special? sexy? just plain better?

Yes, yes, YES!

Listen, this is in a whole new category of it’s own. A simple (but hell sexy garment) has evolved to take on a bigger role in my life, as a human proxy. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean a replacement for a significant other, but rather that invisible friend from childhood that grew up in the form of legwear. It may sound crazy yet that is how I actually make sense of the situation. Those old cum-stained pairs were my old hooligan buddies from back in the day and my coveted Neon 40 pantyhose are my refined, extremely supportive best friends.

So this is dedicated to my best friend on my legs right this moment with her gentle hug and bright, shiny personality.

Until death do us part. I’m sure of that at least!

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2 comments on “So I Slipped Into Pantyhose Today, Again …
  1. Beth says:

    My god, we think so similar. I recently discovered Pearl & Poseidon and bought the long sleeved crotch less body stocking. It feels incredible and is so shiny and slick. Their hosiery is high in spandex count and normally I am a CDR Eterno Super Lucido type girl but this brand deserves more exploration. I am 6 ft 200lbs and they fit well, was skeptical of one size but they had plenty of room, awesome hose.

  2. Sheerstar99 says:

    I think you’d look heavenly doing a photo shoot like this!

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