Remember Those Old Pantyhose Images You Saved Way Back Then?

An old Pantyhose Please image

Just this past week, I had an old external hard drive that I found and was about to toss during my spring cleaning. I had originally planned to take a heavy hammer to it and smash it to bits but, for shits and giggles, cleaned it up a bit and connected it to my laptop just to see what was still on it. It pretty much had all the usual digital stuff you accumulate… work, resumes, random documents and, oh, what is that?

My, that looks like the old treasure trove of pantyhose images I had collected from WAY back when! I realize how “sick” I must be since I have already spent a good two hours looking through these as if they were long lost family photos. The hell with that though, it was nice to go through my old stash of soft-porny images and getting off again like the good old days.

And those days I remember very well. Hours on end surfing the net for free pantyhose images. And not just any images, the shiny pantyhose ones I preferred (and with a bit of lingerie if possible). I distinctly remember there even used to be a website called Winnie Cooper Pantyhose Links from back in the 90’s that would post daily links to galleries where I could get a ton of free photos (like the one you see above).

I guess you can say I was pretty much a pervert back in those days but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. To my defense, if you had access to free smut, why not take all you can? Although it was a bit of work finding the “good” pics, it was worth it, as I could see with my 25GB collection. I remember decades ago when moving to another apartment running into old Playboy magazines stashed away. Of course I paused and looked through those too.

Besides the actual images, I was also curious about timestamps from the images. From those you can kind of judge when the images were actually created. I happened to find some that were from 2001 from a site called Dodgers UK. Sadly, they don’t look like they are around any longer but, looking through those, I noticed some featured my all time favorite Wolford Neon 40 and I don’t think I realized it. The telltale sign of that being the waistband and unique shiny opaqueness.

Dodgers UK - Wolford Neon 40 image

It blows my mind to think that this image is over twenty years old and Wolford Neon was in a baby blue color! I remember this being one of my favorite pics without even realizing the tights were Wolford. Today I would die for a pair in this color but not as much as the ones in the color below.

Dodgers UK - Wolford Neon 40 in Pink!

That’s Wolford Neon 40 in PINK! Not to mention, also from over twenty years ago.

Nonetheless, you can see how sentimental I was viewing all these lovely images… well many of them. I think the total images (with a video here or there) numbered in the tens of thousands. Um, yeah, I was a really dedicated pervert I guess. Of course, nowadays, I get off on my own images of me.

So now do I take my hammer and smash this hard drive to bits like I had planned?

Just like I didn’t toss out that old Playboy (although I can’t find it) I think this hard drive will get the special treatment. A good cleaning and a special case where it fits like a glove should make this thing accessible another twenty years for now. At that time maybe I’ll pass it down to someone… or it will get buried with me.

I’ll leave with one last image in the collection that actually dated to the 90’s that was my favorite and actually inspired this blog a long time back. X to the red teddy and pantyhose!

Red Teddy and Pantyhose - NL Photo

2 Comments on “Remember Those Old Pantyhose Images You Saved Way Back Then?

  1. Loved Winnie Cooper. So many great links. Diaphanous Obsessions and Toe Tally Extreme. A pantyhose fetishgurl trigger for sure.

  2. @Sheerstar99 You know it! There were were so many others but I do remember Diaphanous Obsessions for sure.

    I wasn’t the only one who spent hours on end in front of the screen either, ha ha.

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