WARNING: Pantyhose May Cause Permanent Life-Altering Changes

My leg in Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose

Just moments ago I happened to find myself slipping into a pair of Capezio shiny dance tights that I found in a box tucked away in the back of a cabinet a little bit earlier. Of course I didn’t stop there adding a bustier, some tight-ass daisy dukes, heels, wig and some fucsia lipstick to round it all out. I pranced and posed in front of the mirror admiring what I see, and getting very much in the mood if you know what I mean.

So I had to do what any pantyhosed freak in a similar mood would do in that moment. A little self-loving and some frosting for the cake. Oh yes, I did have a taste in case you were wondering.

In the past (like decades ago), after these typical pantyhose-donning episodes, I usually came out of them in a rush to take off my pantyhose, feeling like I committed a serious sin and swearing I will never do this again (albeit fun at that moment). I always knew I would get these urges to “wrongly” wear silky pantyhose and lingerie in the future but I wouldn’t be able to sustain this forever. Or would I? I figured I would quit my experimental phase of crossdressing eventually and maybe have a normal married life.

If you have read around this blog, you would obviously find this is not true. And I have nothing but pantyhose to blame for turning my life upside down. Oh, why did you have to come into my life way back when I was a kid and give me that little “kink” of pleasure that I couldn’t stop thereafter? I didn’t even like women’s underwear or even looking like a woman way back then. Why why why?

Maybe you are into your own little fix of pantyhose and a wank, probably with a pair of panties thrown in (I don’t judge). However, take my warning, because pantyhose may become the gateway to the following…

  • Curiously trying out garments and other items not of your given gender (e.g. start crossdressing)
  • Not properly masturbating to thoughts (or pictures) of naked ladies, being the lady instead
  • Eventually appearing and trying your hardest to mimic a woman (e.g. intermediate crossdressing)
  • Craving a nice cock with a tasty splash in your lipstick painted mouth (e.g. exploring sexuality in your “other” gender)
  • Being seriously weird in the eyes of others, they may not “know” but are sure something is up
  • Just about everything you do is abnormal and a good case study for psychologists

Don’t get me wrong here, I have absolutely no regrets in the direction my little pantyhose fetish has blossomed into. I am, however, quite surprised how it has evolved into an advanced crossdressing role that I created for myself. I absolutely love feeling feminine even when I’m in my male clothes doing my everyday male things. Yet the time for full-on crossdressing is like the prize, or like the glass of wine at the end of the day. It is comforting, sexy and, most of all, femininity at it’s most enjoyable moment.

And of course pantyhose has been there all the way, even right as I type these words. We’re like best buddies that can’t get enough of each other. I have a lot of buddies in that department I guess.

So keep in mind, you have been warned. Rip off and throw away those sexy pantyhose forever… OR welcome to the path of no return.

That’s what I thought. You have a friend here!

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12 comments on “WARNING: Pantyhose May Cause Permanent Life-Altering Changes
  1. Sheerstar99 says:

    You are such a pantyhose minx! We can’t go back!

  2. Sheerstar99 says:

    This commercial reminds me of you. Would love to dress like this together and frolic in our sheer pantyhose.

  3. Beth says:

    Sheery, you seem to capture perfectly all those delicious pantyhose thoughts and dreams us gurls have and I have them constantly. Your journey seems so similar to mine, I love your musings. I, like you have had a lifelong obsession with pantyhose which has definitely shaped my life and I spend all my free time exploring this sexy hobby. I only wish the internet had come sooner so that I could have developed my fem self and shared this passion at a younger age. I am 61, single and live alone by choice to indulge my fem desires and passions daily. The days of guilt and shame are long past, last purge when I was 21 lol and I have met a few gals over the years, not many, but enough to know my true desire is for similar kinksters to myself. Keep up the awesome sharing please.

    A thankful fan, Beth

  4. Legs says:

    Amazing I know exactly how you feel i have been wearing sheer pantyhose whenever I can I can’t get enough when I wear them i have thoughts of doing alot of things. I fantize about being filled with cum. Or having my mouth filled.

  5. Sheery says:

    @Legs You’re not alone!

  6. Sheery says:

    @Beth Thank you for the kind words. I think if the internet were around when we were kids, our lives would be drastically different don’t you think?

  7. Sheery says:

    @Sheerstar99 Yum!

  8. Sheery says:

    @Sheerstar99 Why would you even think of going back? 😛

  9. Dennis says:

    I used to feel like there was something wrong but that was a long time ago. It seemed like I was the only person I knew who changed their behavior to accommodate others and then I realized life is short, the only people that need accommodating are me and my wife and if anyone else had a problem then it’s their problem to deal with, not mine.
    I wear pantyhose almost daily, shave everything, paint my toes and wear anklets on both feet. I’ve added yoga pants and biker shorts to my wardrobe and I never felt more like myself than I do now. I have a femme side, even sexually, I like being a guy with some feminine qualities and that’s what works for me, and I’m lucky enough to have a body that still looks pretty sensual on days when I’m more on the femme side. Once I said “f##k what people think” the weird guilt went away, the purging of my femme things stopped and I realized that with all the things that go on in this world, my little feminine expression is docile by comparison.

  10. Dennis says:

    Btw, forgot to say, your leg in that photo looks sexy as hell

  11. Sheery says:

    @Dennis I went through pretty much the same evolution as you and luckily carry around the same “so what” attitude. You also have a good point, the world looks like it may end given current events, so why not enjoy it, instead of worry you know? Thank you for your comment!

  12. Sheery says:

    @Dennis Thank you! X

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