Who Knew a Crossdressing Comic is So Damn Funny?

I don’t know about you but I seem to be a really bad Youtube junkie… somehow minute and a half videos really get my jollies off even if most are bad. I recently came across a Youtube video, however, that was so incredible, it absolutely blew me away. This was even on the topic of transvestism, so more than worthy of a mention here.

If you haven’t watched the three minute clip of an Eddie Izzard stand-up routine above, take the time to do so. Did you laugh at “the element of surprise” too? I thought so.

I was rather fascinated, first of all, by Izzard’s attire, which was elegant but not over-the-top feminine, not drawing attention to his dress but rather the routine. What really drew me was his superb skill in bringing the conceptions of transvestites out into light. All done in a way where, it is not just funny, but is evident of the pride he has in himself. And, really, it is the pride we should have in ourselves too.

Aside from the comedy, it would be hard not to take his example as an inspiration to see and love ourselves as who we are. Many of us tend to keep the crossdressing side of us very private (my hand raised), yet it is very refreshing to see this “put out there” in a way that says “Hey, transvestites are people too, you know.”

I wouldn’t say I’m quite yet inspired to the point where I’m ready to walk outside in my dress and makeup and say hello to the world right this second. I have had that seed planted in the back of my head for some time now, though, and watching something this powerful serves as a reminder that things will be OK on the other side if I get there.

My only real worry is getting beaten with sticks from kids in the neighborhood.

* * *

Special thanks to the Crossadams Blog for the original article and video.

Have a peek at the Eddie Izzard website, too, especially the biography.

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One comment on “Who Knew a Crossdressing Comic is So Damn Funny?
  1. PaulaPlaytex says:

    This is a True, Funny Story…I was sitting and watching TV with just my Bra and Panties on, I was munching on popcorn and drinking soda pop. When I was getting ready for bed and changing into my “Bed Bra”, I realized that I had dropped some popcorn in my Bra !!! So, I had a “Little Snack” before I went to bed !!! I always watch TV wearing just my Bra and Panties, It feels so nice.

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