A Crossdresser’s Typical Date

Crossdressed to kill!
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I’ve seen it everywhere on the internet. Crossdressers are narcissists in whatever shape or form. Though not a scientifically valid explanation, this sums it up pretty well.

Personally, I find that the crossdressing community, online that is, is full of wonderful, open type people who I wouldn’t think for a second has a hint of narcissism in them. I’d like to think that if we did, we would act like total bitches to one another, right?

Have you ever actually known or dated a non-CD narcissist, too? Then you see what I mean.

But then I pondered this added label to our repertoire. We really are narcissists by definition, completely infatuated within our crossdressing as it occupies that special time in our lives. Take a look at the proof in our stages of dress mode.

Choosing the Outfit

I’ve never heard of a crossdresser reach in that drawer for those granny panties and muumuu (otherwise, PLEASE let me know in a comment below). No, it is for something sexy, tight and looks super delicious on our bodies about to be transformed. We need for our attire to scream “I’m sluttier than the sluttiest genetic girl slut,” by the time we’re finished.

Also, who goes for the cheap shit? It’s all about designer wear: expensive dresses, Victoria’s Secret lingerie, Christian Loboutin heels and Wolford Neon pantyhose (or Fatal Neon pantyhose for the real CD’s). After all, we have to look like prostitutes with class.

Oh, I forgot the makeup. We’ll need at least a couple hours to get each eyelash positioned exactly parallel to one another.

The Mirror (i.e. The Date)

We’ve been waiting for this moment all day to step in front of that double-wide, full-length mirror sitting on the wall of our bedroom. Let’s not forget to mention it features lighting on all sides for the drop-dead gorgeous crossdresser about to stand in front of it. Note that the special soft-white lighting helps keep shiny spots of the face and nose.

Preferably, there is an empty space at least fifteen feet in front of the mirror and at least the width of it. It will create somewhat of a makeshift catwalk but it will do as we strut our sexy selves back and forth, making sure our heads do not move while our hips do all the talking.

Once we get tired, we can rest a bit and do yoga in front of the mirror, admiring the variety of poses that make our attire look even more stunning. Rawrrr!

The Photoshoot

We look so fucking sexy and there’s nothing to prove to the world that we do. That is, until we remembered to charge the camera battery last night for this special moment. Not to mention the spare one, too, since that will be needed as well. 32GB card inserted, camera mounted on tripod and ready to go!

It is quite ingenious of us to use the lighting we set up for the mirror and have it double up as the perfect lighting to frame our own beautifully perfect selves perfectly in photos. It’s one less worry when there are a thousand or so photos yet to be taken in this session.

Standing up, strike our pose. Sitting down, legs crossed elegantly. Turn around for the butt shot, remember to stick hips way out. Now the flash upskirt shots. Etc, etc, etc.

Let’s not forget to upload all of these now to Flickr.

Make Love (To Ourselves)

What better way to end the crossdresser’s date than with the cherry on top of the sundae. We’ve been prancing around in our femme wear for a good while now, lustfully enjoying our every move in front of the mirror and can now prove to the world that we are indeed the sexiest of them all.

Yet during this whole time, it was nearly impossible to keep our own hands off of ourselves. Until now. We finally give in.

Time to pull down that pantyhose and forcefully grab that throbbing cock and stroke it as if it were our birthday.

Let’s not be rude, however, and get come on our dress.

9 Comments on “A Crossdresser’s Typical Date

  1. Ha ha! So true – only the best will do! Although, they may not be granny pants but I do love high waisted shapewear – I just love how it feels (worn over tights as the tights will never stay up if the knickers are underneath).

    … and if only I could get a pair of Louboutins in my size…


  2. Sheery…I just bought a Rago Bodyshaper, Size 50B and I love it. I also have a Rago Full Leg and Tummy Girdle size 11X (I am a “Big “Girl”) I found the Bodyshaper at JCPenney and the Girdle at Herroom. I love wearing them, I even like to sleep in them.

  3. Sheery…The Bodyshaper Mentioned From The March 15th Post…Is Beige…I Just Bought The White One…Same Size And Model…I Have Also Purchased 14 More Bras Since That Time…With 3 More Bras On The Way…Sheery, “I LOVE MY BRAS (AND BRA WEARING) THE BEST…I Will Now Have Over 8o Bras In My Collection…How Many Bras Do You Own ? Love, Paula

  4. Sheery…I Just Picked Up My 3 New Bras Today…They Are The JCPenney “Underscore” Brand (Model 126-4804-0802)…They Are Made By “Playtex”…Very Unique, No Hiding My Breasts With These Bras (Not That I Want To)…These Bras Give Me A COMPLETELY “New Figure”…”Very, Very Sexy”…”I Love My New Bras”…Sheery, “Try Them”…”I THINK YOU WILL LOVE THESE BRAS”…”They Made A NEW WOMAN Out Of Me’…”You Know, A GIRL Can’t Have Too Many Bras” Love, Paula (Paul)

  5. @Paula I bet you have as many bras as I have pairs of pantyhose!

    JCPenney makes great exercise tights by the way. They’ll go great with those new bras!

  6. Sheery…I Recently Bought 2 Pairs (2XL) Of Tights From JCP…One Pair Brown and One Pair Navy Blue…They Fit Great…And Are Very Comfy !!! Love, Paula (Paul)

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