Wolford Makes a Damn Sexy Stocking Belt

Sheery in a Wolford Stocking Belt

It’s not news that I’m a lover of Wolford, especially my beloved Neon 40. There’s nothing like draping your legs in pure pantyhose perfection, paying a small fortune to do it and then feel like the queen you always dreamed of being. I have six pairs now that get use on those special occasions and make me 100% happy to be a crossdresser.

If you ever looked around the Wolford Boutique, away from the Neon 40 page, though, those perfect models showcasing the Wolford line of luxury lingerie are quick to grab your eye. Personally, I’m left wondering how that 100 EUR bra and 50 EUR panty would look paired with their luxurious hose. Then I default to the 20 EUR Wonderbra and 15 EUR matching thong panty and use the savings on an alcoholic binge.

One particular item caught my eye, however, which was the Satin Deluxe Stocking Belt which was strange because I don’t really have a thing for garter belts or stockings. Sure, I’d be open to wearing them and, of course, they turn me on like they would seeing them on another sexy crossdresser. I just don’t currently have stockings or a garter belt and haven’t tried one on since I was maybe eighteen years old. Nope, take that back, I do have those black stockings from when I was eighteen. How time flies…

So what the fuck, I got the belt and some stockings to match. Since I’m a lover of suntan pantyhose, I got the belt in a more flesh tone color, cosmetic, and managed to score some Wolford Neon hold-up stockings in a suntan color (Gobi). Note that instead of the Wolford Boutique, I purchased the stocking belt on eBay, where I found a much better price. The stockings were a different story, however, since they were discontinued. You only live once though, right?

Well, turned out that I kind of liked them. The stocking belt was nothing like the lace waist strap that I was always familiar with. It was rather a smooth, stretchy and satiny overlay for my bum while fulfilling it’s purpose of holding up my stockings. Add to that the nice touch of lovely shine and it makes a great piece of lingerie.

OK, it wasn’t fair to test with hold-ups since they stay in place so I tried it out with a ten-year-old pair of regular stockings deep in the drawer to see how well they performed. I have to say the stocking belt did the job quite admirably, comfortably staying above my waist and holding my stockings up without getting pulled down by the garters. Very sexy and functional indeed!

The Wolford Neon hold-ups were quite a treat too. The denier wasn’t listed on the packaging but seemed like it was maybe 30 denier or so, a bit more sheer than the Neon 40 pantyhose. They went great with the stocking belt and the whole package turned me on, if I must say, as I pranced in front of the mirror and snapped a few shots. Sadly, this was more of a one-off thing since my severe pantyhose fetish lies in feeding my legs the shiny nylon of the Neon 40 or other silky hose.

I have yet to try the belt and stockings over my pantyhose though. Hmmm, maybe something new to try later on tonight. Anyway, if you’re a garter and stockings lover, I can almost guarantee you will be pleased with the Wolford stocking belt. It’s definitely not the run-of-the-mill type garter and, as anything with the name Wolford, is a luxury that will gladly drape your body with.

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2 comments on “Wolford Makes a Damn Sexy Stocking Belt
  1. Lisa T says:

    Wow Sheery! That Wolford stocking belt and the stockings look so hot on you! Does a great job of framing your cute ass too! I have a few pairs of stockings and your typical black lace garter belt, but I can never bring myself to wear them except over pantyhose, and I don’t even own a pair of panties. It looks so hot that I may just have to get one of the Wolford belts, but I know I’ll be wearing it over my pantyhose. I just can’t feel sexy and comfortable without them!

  2. Sheery says:

    Such kind words. Thank you Lisa!

    They’ll never replace my beloved pantyhose but they are worth the detour.

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