Go-go Girl For a Day

Sheery in Wolford Neon and daisy dukes

While it should be quite obvious by now that I love to get into my femme dress mode, there are some days when I like to theme it out. It dawned on me some time ago after randomly seeing images of go-go girls in clubs. Gorgeous women in their little elevated cages or pedestals dancing away the night and in varying degrees of attire… tight mini dresses with the panty-peek, crop tops and booty shorts just to jog your memory.

Being the part-time girl I am, I had to at least drape some of this scandalous, sexy clothing over my body and dance away, even if just in my own home. I wanted to see if I could really pull off the go-go girl look. Off to Google to do a little searching and there it was, a website that oohed and ahhed me, Gang of Divas (not affiliate link). I was intrigued by their selection of sexywear available and, in particular, their denim shorts that make daisy dukes look more appropriate for Sunday school.

I happen to love my own daisy dukes that I wear all the time, however, the Gang of Divas were more cut and with a fit like panties. I centered in on two pairs of denim booty shorts that caught my eye, one in a thong style and the other a more modest but very low cut short. A week later, my Christmas presents arrived and what better way to inaugurate them than to pair them with some gobi colored Wolford Neon tights, leg warmers and heels.

Sheery in thong denim booty shorts

Oops, my Wolford tights are peeking out!

I got both of the shorts in a medium size, which was suitable, but there were some slight difficulties due to (ahem, cough) being draped over a male anatomy. Back to the panties analogy, while they can stretch and form around male parts, unfortunately denim can’t do it as well. Even though both shorts had a surprising amount of elasticity in them, I had to play tug-o-war to keep them up somewhere near my waistline. I very tight belt might have helped but I just kept tugging them up anyway.

Regardless of my push and pull war, I quite liked both pairs of shorts but especially the thong style. When kept up to where you need them, they look and feel quite sexy, especially that rear view. The thing is, you really need to be wearing a gaffe or do a tuck to get the front side looking trim, not to mention, allowing the shorts to be pulled up higher up your waistline.

Sheery is Hard Candy

You can say that again

Of course, I also had to get one of the Gang of Divas cropped t-shirts. It’s quite a surprise with the quality, being not only made with cotton but with added rayon for softness and no shrinking. The fit was perfectly tight and feminine and the cute message on it was quite obvious. This will have to be worn now wherever I go… I wonder if anyone would get my little secret.

Not just you my dear.

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2 comments on “Go-go Girl For a Day
  1. Gigi says:

    Hello Sheery! You look stunning in that outfit. Especially with that Hard Candy shirt…I started dressing recently by curiosity, skirts got me hooked and were quickly followed by panties, stockings and of course, our favorite pantyhose. I love your blog, shows me I am not alone.
    Kisses, Gigi.

  2. Sheery says:

    @Gigi Thank you, how nice of you to say!

    Of course you are not alone. Enjoy your curiosity as much as possible.

    I can see how skirts got you hooked since I more recently started wearing denim minis. Love them!


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