I Seem to Only Like Cosplay For The Tights

Wonder Woman in Lovely Tights

Image: Sleeperkid’s World

I have no idea why, but I somehow never got into cosplay. You know, dressing up to the tee as your favorite superhero (but really superheroine) then meeting up with other nutjobs who do the same thing. THEN you act out role-play fights and the other shit they do in the cartoons and comics. There’s even a “crossplay” for those crossdressing as superheroes. Either way, it actually sounds good for shits and giggles.

Why, I’d happen to be the perfect candidate too. I spent at least eight hours a day during my whole youth watching nothing but cartoons. Those powerful, sexy men figures chasing evil villains in black around, sometimes getting captured or kidnapped. Then getting tightly bound in their skin-tight spandexy costumes and tights struggling to break free, unfortunately doing so. Essentially, they’re the precursor to bondage pornos yet just innocent enough to put on the tube for kids.

I’ll even go as far as to blame those cartoons for me tinkering around with a pantyhose fetish by first stealing my sister’s ballet dance tights, throwing some red knee-high socks (also hers) over them pretending they were boots and finally “cosplaying” like I was Wonder Woman. Of course, I’d also pretend that I was being kidnapped by tying up my legs with shoelaces, an ode to a later bondage fetish.

So today, I happen to stumble upon a few random images of a cute Wonder Woman clad in the red, blue and gold bustier-leotard thingy and shiny tights. It’s something about the combination of those thick Danskin tights, with a brilliant streak of light gleaming off of them, along with something tight and costumy/leotardy that spells instant hard-on thinking about those memories of my sister’s tights. Minus the sister of course.

Like a snotty wine drinker who just wants a beer at the moment, I spent the better half of this morning getting my regular pantyhose/tights fetish fix browsing through some these cosplay sites. I find them quite strange assuming that they are targeted to those with a superhero-in-tights fetish, but enough so to make you the aforementioned cosplay nutjob. Instead of showing outright sexuality in the cosplay, they rather focus more on cosplay roleplaying shit.

So instead of seeing a gorgeous tights-clad Wonder Woman beauty ripping her bustier off then fingering herself, we get her in various half-ass action poses, such as “mighty” kicks or punches. Neither does it portray a fantasy of the superhero having come to life from the cartoons/comics nor offer much of any sexual content, if at all. There might be a good leg shot for the tights enthusiast (which works for me) but they are almost as innocent as the cartoons.

I’m also surprised to find some of the leading ladies of the pantyhose fetish arena have made the leap over into the world of cosplay. If you’re familiar with Randy Moore (AKA Maria Valentine), Cali Logan or Akira Lane, then you guessed it, you’ll find them donning sexy costumes, slipping on the tights and prancing around doing high kicks and “beating up” other sexy villains. Unfortunately, they fall victim to the bad acting side of their cosplay figures rather than those real sexy poses they are known for.

It’s probably the fact that I just don’t understand this whole cosplay thing. Looking at pictures of bad fake punches and grimaces for sexy models dressed as their cartoon prototype doesn’t turn me on. Maybe if their legs are bound, ok maybe a little, sure. If they are bound to a table as a captive, with their leotard ripped open, not to mention the tights too, then I may stick around a while longer. I’m a different kind of nutjob.

By the way, here are a couple sites that may rock your cosplay jollies, which sort of did for myself. They have some nice free samples too!

Sleeperkid’s World

ProStyle Fantasies

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8 comments on “I Seem to Only Like Cosplay For The Tights
  1. Lisa T says:

    I just spent almost an hour in a pantyhose chat room chatting with a nice guy whose pantyhose fantasy was to magically shrink while wearing pantyhose to the point of being a tiny person helplessly being dangled in the foot of his pantyhose and being played with by a giant. Now I’ve always considered myself to have a good imagination especially when it comes to the enjoyment of pantyhose fetish activities, but this one really blew my mind! I always try to be at least supportive of others with the fetish even if what they’re into doesn’t really appeal to me which is why I stayed in the chat for so long. I finally had to break off the chat as I just didn’t know what to say to the guy. I was looking for some stimulation pantyhose chat while indulging in my Saturday morning fetish time while wearing my Neon 40’s with another pair on my top, encasement style, my most extreme 8″ platform sandlels, a black mesh top and black layered mini skirt. I was feeling really great, but this chat almost killed the mood. I felt bad for leaving the guy, but I just could not relate to his fantasy on any level except the pantyhose part. I guess I’m just way too vanilla when it comes to pantyhose fetish. Or am I?????

  2. Richard says:

    Is it me, or do other pantyhose fetishests love getting a hold of a worn pair of hose from some random woman?

  3. Sheery says:

    @Richard It’s just you 😉

  4. Sheery says:

    @LisaT I’ve been there too and I’ve somewhat avoided chat rooms because of this. I wouldn’t consider Giants teasing my hosed feet odd or anything but some things don’t turn me on either. Then when you become just someone to talk to when things go on a severe tangent, well, that gets a little boring. Maybe next time, avoid the Playing With Giants room 😉 X Sheery

  5. Richard says:

    What the fuck are you talking about??

  6. Richard says:

    What are Giants??

  7. Sheery says:

    Sorry for the confusion, it was a response to LisaT’s comment. Although if you have a thing for Giants feel free to chime in yourself 🙂

  8. Richard says:

    Please explain what Giants are?

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