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Blackmailed, A Reluctant Slave Crossdresser, Part II

Violating a Slave Crossdresser

Part I: I Know Your Secret

* * *

Part II: A Proposition She Couldn’t Refuse

Daniel finally arrives home after a day of casually running errands, just the usual weekend catch up tasks in his normally busy schedule. He enters the lobby of his apartment complex, checks his mailbox and finds inside a letter, completely unmarked of a name or address. “This is odd,” he thinks to himself curiously looking at the envelope as he locks his mailbox and goes upstairs.

As soon as he enters his apartment, he grabs a knife and rips open the envelope to find a letter containing a printed image and a message, seemingly sinister looking in all capital letters. Daniel gasps in shock as he recognizes the image as himself crossdressed in a rather sultry pose on his bed wearing nothing but a teddy and pantyhose. He suddenly remembers now that this could only have come from his “Danielle” Facebook page.

Then he reads the message. “What? Tomorrow night at the corner store?” he thinks out loud to himself. “Is this some kind of joke?” Daniel begins to worry that this appears to be an attempt to blackmail him by outing him as a crossdresser in public.

Little did he know of what was really in store to come, so to speak.

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One Kid’s Cartoon is Another’s Favorite Bondage Porno

Daphne Bound and Gagged

Image: Wikia

As a kid, I spent hours and hours in front of the TV, like all proper kids did. I’d say I would spend at least a minimum of eight hours a day watching the typical cartoons that showed up on cable which, coincidentally, was fairly new at the time. Yet during the thousands of hours stuck in front of the tube, there were several specific cartoon episodes that stuck out in my mind.

That is, when certain characters would get into trouble, then are erotically bound and gagged by some gargoyle waiting for someone to save them. I somehow never saw this as something those cartoon writers had intended or, really, how most kids probably innocently viewed it. You know, worry about the character then hope he/she gets saved. Or more so, hope the evil villain just kills them off.

No, I saw this as a version of pantyhose bondage porn, later shaping my future fetishes to come. Of course, we cannot forget that crossdressing era of my life that came about, largely in part to this.

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Blackmailed, A Reluctant Slave Crossdresser, Part I

Slave Crossdresser

Part I: I Know Your Secret

Early one Saturday morning, Daniel and his girlfriend, Jan, were just exiting his apartment when they ran into Greg, who lives two doors down and on his way out to grab a cup of coffee at the corner store. They make their typical friendly but superficial small talk as neighbors usually do. You know, how are you? Weather looks great today, doesn’t it? The same old bullshit regurgitated over and over each time they saw each other.

What wasn’t obvious, however, were the secrets between them, one in particular, held by Daniel.

Daniel, to those that know him, is the typical young professional that most aspire to be. Fit, attractive, has a good job as a banker and quite the attractive girlfriend in Jan, who he plans to propose to sometime in the near future. Yet for pretty much all of his life, he has secretly dedicated his time to another passion of his. That is, crossdressing.

There was nothing he loved more, when Jan wasn’t around that is, than to pull out that locked trunk from under his bed and drape himself in the magical contents contained within. Expensive pantyhose, sexy lingerie, expensive dresses, makeup, wigs and, of course, the two pairs of Louboutine heels to round out the collection.

Usually, as a crossdresser, he (or shall we say “she”) would spend hours alone perfecting her feminine look as “Danielle” then take photos in sexy poses of herself to post online in several of the online profiles she had, unfortunately, including Facebook. Judging by all the responses Danielle received (and pleading requests for a quick fuck), she was quite the stunner as well. All of this attention to Danielle served but to strengthen her womanly identity and further her crossdressing habit.

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Review: Slipping Into (Discontinued) Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose

Victoria's Secret Signature Gold Pantyhose

Being a crossdresser, and thus naturally taking on the feminine characteristic of shopping, I find it hard to help myself when it comes to seeing something sexy I like online and having to have it right this goddamn second. If it is so sexy that, of course it has to be discontinued in production, then I would probably go to great lengths such as committing robbery or shady back-alley deals in order to get my filthy paws on it.

For my case in point, we have the Victoria’s Secret Signature Gold Collection Glossy Smooth pantyhose, so exclusive that it just hurt my hands typing out this rather majestic title.

For anybody who has a pantyhose fetish, this name probably rings a bell, cueing the start of a massive erection that wished it were encased in this pantyhose gem. In case you need a reminder, let me warm you up with a few pics, such as oh, this classy photo, maybe a butt shot and one of what you (yes you) would actually look like in this alluring Victoria’s Secret pantyhose.

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An Open Letter to Wolford, Please Bring Back the Fatal Neon

Magazine Ad for Wolford Fatal Neon pantyhose

Dear Wolford,

I have a small request on behalf of all those with a fine taste in pantyhose, including those with a severe pantyhose fetish, some who just love their legs to shine brightly and others with a general aversion to looking at seams on their pantyhose. Yes, I would fall under all three by the way.

Please, oh dear God please, will you bring back the Fatal Neon yet once again?

Anybody who was familiar with your brand surely remembers the brilliant campaign you did with Helmut Newton way back in the 80′s that still draws raves even to this very day. Why, I can even remember long ago finding an image of the Fatal Neon packaging with that lovely blonde  clad in nothing but your namesake pantyhose, butt clinging ever so nicely to it, and a camera draped over her shoulder.

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Pantyhose, Crossdressing and How It All Came to Be

Sheery the Crossdresser

Ever think about that wacky weird path of your own crossdressing days from the very beginning up until now? While, personally, I can’t recall every single time I slipped on a pair of pantyhose and wanked in them, I can recall some of the major points through my own journey into feminine bliss (or is it abyss).

For instance, when I was in my pre-pube days, I had no clue what a crossdresser was or what the hell was going on with me. All I knew at the time was that I was harboring an arousing love of pantyhose and I was the only one in the world who had this freaky side to him.  Being a young teenager, that put me in a bit of isolation carrying around a secret that was not really understood but sucked me in with a compulsion I couldn’t resist.

Yet one day on the couch watching an episode of Cheers years back, I can vividly remember a piece of dialog that changed my whole perception of my growing fetish (also an unfamiliar word at the time)…

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Oh, The Narcissist Pantyhose Loving Crossdressers We Are

Sheery in Wolford Neon pantyhose

I was on Twitter the other day (a more frequent occurence now) and had a look at a long lost tweet I had saved a while back…

I retweeted and saved it for a reason. I pondered in those very words a bit and I couldn’t help but to think that this was directed right at me. When you think about it, though, isn’t it directed at likely a majority of hot blooded crossdressers, transvestites and other “T’s” out there?

Yes, those of  you who can’t pry themselves from the mirror dreaming that you’re either some kind of pantyhose model goddess or high-priced glamour hooker whose phone won’t stop ringing (my hand raised too). I’m fairly confident there is a huge narcissistic component to our feminine alter-egos that probably just comes with the territory.

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Fiore Raula, Sexy Inexpensive European Pantyhose

Fiore Raula pantyhose in Plum shade

When choosing out a pair of pantyhose to buy and try out, I usually first see some image of it online likely modeled incredibly well on a beautiful woman. A smooth, silky appearance and lovely shine are what normally grab my attention. So when I saw an image similar to the above with those gorgeous legs I knew I just had to have them right away. Preferably right off of her own legs.

Which then brought me to a search of who made these, easy to find on Google sure enough. They are “Raula” pantyhose from a Polish company called Fiore. Poland isn’t exactly known for their hosiery, usually reserved for that special region in Italy, however this very pair of gorgeous pantyhose is rather easily available for purchase online.

Then my jaw dropped at the price, running between $5 and $8 a pair. Normally a pantyhose fetishist like myself wouldn’t mind paying $50 or so for a premium pair of fine hosiery (hello there Wolford). So, while a bit skeptical of what I’d get, I went ahead and ordered two pairs, one in a “plum” (purplish) shade and the other in “cappuccino.”

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A New Look

If you’ve paid a visit here before then you probably notice things around here look a little different now. Don’t worry, you’re still on the correct website. Yes it’s dark, a change from the white and bright, which probably reflects the purity of my soul. Or maybe the Anthracite shade of Wolford Neons I just came in the other day (yes, I cleaned it off).

So, on to the updates . Here were some of those lovely changes done…


Yes, this website has gone on quite a long time without running ads, yet it also adds up to quite a bit of pocket change to keep this thing going. Though I personally tend to ignore banner ads on websites and sort of fish my way around them, I’ve taken a different approach to putting ads on this website. No, you won’t see an ad repeatedly of the same damn [insert product here] you just bought five minutes ago.

Well, rather than going that route, I’m trying to introduce more customized ads to suit the crossdressing theme (and of course the topics of pantyhose, lingerie, bondage, sex, etc.) and handpick those of websites or products that I highly recommend. I’ll even try to include samples, such as images or videos, where I can, just like what they do with the free cookies at the bakery (psst… check out that one on the right there).

Social Media

In case you haven’t spotted them yet, you’ll see the round buttons on the top right of the page. Yes, we have social media liftoff!

OK, so far I haven’t been highly active on the social media scale but I’ve finally caught up from the past ten years or so and have my profiles on Twitter and Google+. No, I’m not the most popular pantyhosed crossdresser out there as of yet but of course it helps to be around there from time to time. I’ve been too busy primping around in my Wolfords apparently but that will change starting now.

Don’t be shy and partake in a retweet and/or share that lovely image of your brand new pantyhose. One thing, I am not on Facebook nor do I plan to be in the future. I’d rather have Google know what I do behind closed doors than they do since, you know, they already know anyway.

You can catch me on a Facebook-like website, however, called All For Pantyhose (I’m username sheery). Everybody knows and tells what everybody else does behind closed doors there which makes it fun. Seriously though, it’s an excellent site for pantyhose lovers to do that social media thing.

* * *

Anyway, I hope you like the new look and come say hi sometime. Or buy a product from an advertiser, dammit!

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The 80′s Are Still Just as Sexy Today

Glow Wresting Girl in Sexy Tights

Image: 1941

Oh my, how I love reminiscing about the 80′s in one of those frequent moments I’m caught daydreaming through random crap that flies through my head. Usually it’s the music that brings me back to the days of my childhood. Once in a while, however, surfin’ the net sometimes does it just as well.

That’s when I usually come across images, not created from digital cameras, but scanned from photos or magazines and and portraying beautiful women wearing shiny tights. You know they are from the 80′s either from the graininess of the image or the poofy hairstyles you see. It is then the memories of my developing pantyhose fetish reignite causing me to look on and on for more like the 80′s legs junkie that I am.

And then, there they were, the GLOW Girls. For those out of the loop, GLOW was sort of a spin-off of WWF wresting but for women, created sometime in the mid-eighties I believe. I remember catching them on cable TV a few times absolutely falling in love after watching them (sort of) pounding the shit out of each other while clad in their sexy costumes consisting more or less of leotards (or sometimes lingerie!) and tights.

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