Platino Luxe 40, Pantyhose Luxury

Platino Luxe 40 in Vienna shade

There is nothing like opening a package and trying on a new brand of pantyhose, like a kid unwrapping a Christmas gift, and eagerly anticipating how sexy your legs will look. Well, actually it is awaiting how nice and silky they feel just before you accidentally come all over them.

Having the pantyhose fetish that I do, so quite the tester, usually about half of the new pairs I try disappoint me. Either the shade turns out quite repulsive or something about them gives away that they are cheaply made, usually a waistband that likes to roll down as if it were afraid of your belly button. Maybe even its aura is off for me, who knows?

Yet today I wasn’t at all disappointed when trying on my new Platino Luxe 40 pantyhose in a Vienna shade (dark suntan). Actually I had purchased a couple of other Luxe 40 pairs before this one a little over a year ago, one an Ocean shade (blue) and the other Ultra Violetta (purple). I quite enjoyed their feel, snug and silky, yet the colors were a bit wild for my tastes. So they very seldom received their “usage.”

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Dress As Women Do, Now Do As Women Do

B Swish Bgood Vibrator

Sure, as crossdressers, transvestites or weekend femme-seeking warriors, we like to dress the part and maybe prance around doing that walk that makes our hips shake.  I’m willing to bet, however, that most of us haven’t had the pleasure of partaking in another feminine pleasure.

That is, the ever popular vibrator.

Yes, I know it may seem a somewhat odd choice given our anatomy but truth is it can actually be an incredibly pleasurable and addictive experience. I can even tell this to you first hand.

Some time ago I purchased the Bswish Bgood vibrator for no particular reason but curiosity. OK, a lie. I was intent on experimenting with anal play and this just seemed like the perfect sex toy which I ordered, brand new and ready to go. It’s 7 inches long (18 cm), 1 inch wide (2.5 cm) and, after finding a couple of AA batteries to insert, has five different vibration settings to choose from.

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From Casual Crossdresser To Overnight Porn Star, Part 2

Sex Dice

Image: Wikimedia

Part 1: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

* * *

Part 2: A Date With Cherry Knot

In high anticipation, I arrive at Tammy’s studio a little bit early. It gives me some time to calm myself down and stop my uncontrollable shaking from the excitement of starring in an adult crossdressing movie. I take a few deep breaths and chug down the mini-bottle of vodka I bought along the way. Slightly buzzed, I’m ready to go.

Tammy greets me warmly at the door and let’s me in. In plain view is the “studio” with a bed and surrounding cameras in one corner and a dressing area in another. She introduces me to two other gentlemen, one the cameraman Paul and, the other, the producer Tom. Everyone seems nice and relaxed which helps to reduce my anxiety.

Then another rather attractive woman steps into the studio introducing herself as “Cherry Knot,” one of the more frequented stars of their movies. I immediately fixate on her gorgeous long red hair and matching red spandex tank top holding back her huge breasts. Oh, and she mentions she specializes in forced feminization. I’m delighted to meet her.

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Top Ten Uses For Old Pantyhose

For us pantyhose (or tights) enthusiasts, surely we have quite a collection in which a pair here or there just can’t quite stand another wear. So, as much as we hate saying goodbye to a loyal friend, it would be nice to see a former flame exit with a bit of glory. Here are some suggestions.

1. You can finally use them to rob the liquor store around the corner.

2. Wash and presto… hand-me-downs for your girlfriend.

3. Actually don’t wash them and sell them to those weird freaky people on eBay.

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From Casual Crossdresser To Overnight Porn Star, Part 1

The lingerie shop

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Part 1: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

It was one of those days where I was feeling glad to be feminine but I had the urge to venture out and find something new and sexy to throw on. Not that I didn’t have anything to wear. I mean there were plenty of cute miniskirts, tops and dozens of packages of unopened pantyhose in my closet. Heels practically filled in the rest of the space.

I guess its just the act of browsing and purchasing women’s clothes that I love so much and, admittedly, it does turn me on a bit. It feels good to basically tell the lady helping you that you are a crossdresser without actually telling her. Yet, today I’m going to my favorite lingerie shop where I am known as a crossdresser.

I had stopped in there for the first time a couple years ago looking for items “for my girlfriend.” I don’t know how but the lady there, Tammy, spotted me as a crossdresser instantly. I could tell by her not-so-obvious sarcasm at my choices for purchase and, although she didn’t call me out on it, she was very polite and treated me very well as one of her customers.

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Who Would Have Thought, Pantyhose Bliss From JC Penney – UPDATE

Elena in JC Penney Tights


For maybe the past year and a half or so, I’ve been infatuated with a pair of pantyhose in which I couldn’t find out what the brand was or where they could be purchased. I had first noticed these on, pantyhose that appear more on the opaque side, impeccably smooth and shiny and would look sooo delicious on me if I can only just get my hands on them.

I was betting that these could even give my favorite Wolford Neon 40 tights a run for title of my absolute favorite.

Then, to my sheer joy, I came across which had a model in the exact same pantyhose (in image above). I could tell they were the same by the shade and the sandal toe which seems very unique to these. There was even a caption with the brand. Are you ready?

JC Penney Fitness Tights?! Are you kidding me, JC Penney?

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Finally, a Real Crossdresser Dating Site We Can Get Use To

Drag Queens

Flickr: Avlxyz

I’ve been around quite a few dating websites for the transgendered community and have been disappointed by nearly all of them. Usually, they are plagued by one or more of the following:

  • High monthly fees.
  • Too many weirdos, with cocks for profile pics, spamming your inbox for a quickie later on tonight.
  • Having to filter through non-transgendered (e.g. other fetishists) in meeting other crossdressers/transvestites.
  • While nice to see who has viewed your profile, you cannot anonymously view that of another.
  • Too much promotional spam flooding the email.

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A Crossdresser’s Typical Date

Crossdressed to kill!

Flickr: Erikabaarova

I’ve seen it everywhere on the internet. Crossdressers are narcissists in whatever shape or form. Though not a scientifically valid explanation, this sums it up pretty well.

Personally, I find that the crossdressing community, online that is, is full of wonderful, open type people who I wouldn’t think for a second has a hint of narcissism in them. I’d like to think that if we did, we would act like total bitches to one another, right?

Have you ever actually known or dated a non-CD narcissist, too? Then you see what I mean.

But then I pondered this added label to our repertoire. We really are narcissists by definition, completely infatuated within our crossdressing as it occupies that special time in our lives. Take a look at the proof in our stages of dress mode.

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Who Knew a Crossdressing Comic is So Damn Funny?

I don’t know about you but I seem to be a really bad Youtube junkie… somehow minute and a half videos really get my jollies off even if most are bad. I recently came across a Youtube video, however, that was so incredible, it absolutely blew me away. This was even on the topic of transvestism, so more than worthy of a mention here.

If you haven’t watched the three minute clip of an Eddie Izzard stand-up routine above, take the time to do so. Did you laugh at “the element of surprise” too? I thought so.

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The Summer of Crossdressing

Catherine Bach

Image: MySpace

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The weather heats up and we all come crawling out of our solitary caves, out for whatever piece of life that exists beyond our abodes. For us closeted crossdressers, that means skipping all those layers over your pantyhose and bra and getting out there to flash some femininity in public.

One image I can’t get stuck out of my head this time of year is Catherine Bach (you know, Daisy Duke) in her tight little shorts and pantyhose covering her so very long legs. In fact, it even inspired me this time around to try out my own leg show just the other day.

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