Drunk Crossdressing In a Dressing Room

Pantyhose and lingerie collection

Image: Flickr

Today is a beautiful sunny morning so I decide to take a walk down to the mall just as it is opening. It’s a Wednesday, which I have off from work and I think to myself why not start out with a glass of wine at the Ruby Tuesday, just because I feel like it. I walk in, seat myself in the patio area and start sipping away.

A couple of glasses later, I find myself  in an elated mood. Maybe it ‘s the bright sun or my one day of freedom from the toils of work but I feel happier than normal. Yet, simultaneously in my joyous demeanor, I being to feel incredibly horny. I just want to rip my clothes off and go into crossdressing mode which means slipping into something sexy (e.g. pantyhose and lingerie) making me feel irresistibly feminine.

After downing yet another glass, I get an idea. Instead of heading home to my silky collection in private, why don’t I just head into the Macy’s and try out theirs. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow you to try on undergarments (nor anyone really) but I feel pretty buzzed and seemingly invincible enough to give it a go. The idea overwhelms me enough for me to immediately pay my tab and walk right into the Macy’s next door.

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The Ultimate Form of Flattery, in Pantyhose

Daring Teddy with Pantyhose

Image: Pantyhose Swish

A little over a year ago, while on ebay, I stumbled upon a gorgeous red teddy that I couldn’t take my eye off of. It was made of a beautiful red lace with a bikini-tie back and a lace halter at the neck that tied up as well. I remember shelling out quite a sum for it and being only mildly satisfied once I received it.

I have always had my pantyhose fetish, of course, but when I find a piece of lingerie I like I have to have it. You can call it my other prized fetish if you will. Yet this one basically became just another item in my lingerie drawer collection. Kind of fetish-worthy.

Even when paired with some sexy Silvia Grandi pantyhose, it looked great on me I thought, but it didn’t just have that spark of sexiness that I look for while wearing my lingerie. Maybe it would be something saved for a special date around Christmas time. In other words, forgotten.

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Why You Need To Try Wolford Neon Pantyhose For Once

Wolford Neon 40 in Gobi

I am rather lucky to live out in Europe where pantyhose is all the rage the first time the early fall breeze puts goosebumps on the legs. Not to mention the selection and quality in these parts is outstanding. From my point of view, however, the further you are from Europe (e.g. the good old USA), the selection of crossdresser-quality pantyhose quite frankly goes to shit to the point where I would even ditch my longtime nylon fetish for something else.

I can see where it would be a lot more convenient to drive five minutes to the nearest drug store and pick up that “expensive” store brand that happens to be the two for one special today. Or you may really treat yourself by going to a department store while you get off on the sales clerk wondering if you are actually a crossdresser or tranny while she is wearing an even shittier pair herself.

Now, I’m sure you at least heard of Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose but am positive you’ve seen images of them online draped on the long sexy legs of models. They take a mean photo that makes you come on the spot, don’t they? But then you scratch your head and wonder why they don’t sell them two-for-one at the Walgreens down the street.

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More Kinky Masturbation Ideas, So Things Don’t Get Boring

The Pantyhose Mermaid and Silicone Dildo accessory

So there you are all dolled up in that skimpy dress, favorite pantyhose and super tall heels and you can’t resist what is looking back at you in the mirror. It gets just a tad boring though with the hand to penis thing that you’ve done for, oh, the 10,000th time in your life. You’re a crossdresser for God’s sake so you are use to an alternative sexual lifestyle.

Why not explore this further? I’ll even let you have a look at my little bag of tricks. Here’s one of them if you haven’t seen it yet but I’m sure you’ll have some fun with these others.

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The Vacation Away From My Tights

Men's Shop

I have to admit, I’ve had a little trouble coming up with something for you to glance over then move on to your sports, porn or whatever. Maybe it’s something to do with with the fact that my ability to write here is directly proportional to how “in the mood” I feel, usually when I’m all glammed up.

And for a while, the last few weeks at least, it’s been no glam at all. 100% Pure unadulterated masculine me (almost masculine anyway). Yeah, yuck.

I bought a sexy new string body that I’m dying to try on. At the moment, it’s still in the packaging.

I have new vintage aerobics wear (and plenty of matching tights) for my indoor workouts. They’ve gone unused so far.

Just for kicks I counted all the pairs of pantyhose I had some time ago. Eighty pairs, all unworn in the last few weeks too.

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Stop Crossdressing

Probably most of us, the crossdressers of the world, have gone through a phase at some point where we ponder giving up our longtime perversions for the “normal” life of a manly man. If this happens, I say go for it and give up the girly goods all the way. Here are ten reasons to get you going.

10. You try to pass for a woman but can’t really get past “man.”

9. There was that one really painful tucking incident you don’t ever want to repeat again.

8. Mom’s muumuu and large cotton panties aren’t as satisfying as before.

7. Pantyhose seems to be falling out of favor for bare, hairy legs with women. Might as well follow suit.

6. Your parents told you to.

5. Then God had a word with you.

4. Time to forget those lowly crossdressers and upgrade to a transsexual.

3. Nasty breakup with the one single girl in the world that actually liked your crossdressing.

2. Spanx just can’t hold you back any further nowadays.

1. You’re in dire need to come out of the closet as a heterosexual male.

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From Casual Crossdresser To Overnight Porn Star, Part 4

Danskin Tankini Leotard with JC Penney Tights

Part 3: Jane Fonda’s Kinky Workout

Part 2: A Date With Cherry Knot

Part 1: An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

* * *

Part 4: Ripping Our Way Through

Given my and Janine’s natural connection in the first scene, the crew decides to keep the film rolling rather than breaking for another take. Feeling rather hot and horny myself after our ass play with the double dong, I don’t want it to stop either. I can see Janine would agree from the lustful smile she is giving me.

We enter scene 2, still on the floor, and say our couple of lines.

Me: “I can’t resist you in your shiny leotard and silky tights.”

Janine: “Oh, I love it when they touch together!”

OK, not exactly Oscar winning dialog here but we start continue our crossdressing play caressing each other’s body and legs with some light kissing which leads us back into the full makeout we were doing earlier. Then, on cue, I reach down for the rip in Janine’s tights and extend it all the way up to her front, revealing her super hard girly rod which pops up like a jack-in-the-box. I now realize my longtime pantyhose fetish finally gets the upgrade it has always waited for: full on pantyhose sex.

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The Spandex, Leotard and Tights Revival

Workout video with leotard and shiny tights

Image: Facebook

Back in the 80’s, I remember my foray into crossdressing developing with the age of the workout video craze. When my parents would take me to a video rental store, I would sneak off to that area of aerobic videos, studying those boxes of VHS tapes on display. Looking at those beautiful, well toned women in stretched poses and in their brightly colored spandex leotards (plus a hint of their matching bright tights showing) made me aspire to be sexy like one of them. I basically viewed them as Superwomen in tights.

To my luck, my older sister would rent one of these videos on occasion. Then I would take my turn to watch it, as if it were a steamy porno, when she and everyone else was away. Unfortunately, my sis never opted for the same stylish workout gear, using a boring t-shirt and shorts without even the tights instead. Thus, she severely impaired my willingness to steal them from her. Nevertheless, while lacking the proper wear, I still could never resist the lure of the spandex era.

Since then times have changed, of course. More recently as an ode to those days, I never bought or used leotards but rather purchased thick, shiny exercise tights such as Danskin or Rumfp, on occasion and add them in the rotation while in my en femme ensemble. I liked these tights for what they were, thick and shiny, yet they never really turned me on quite like the more alluring pantyhose.

That is until recently.

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From Casual Crossdresser To Overnight Porn Star, Part 3

Leotard with black JC Penney tights

Part 2: A Date With Cherry Knot

Part 1: An Offer I couldn’t Refuse

* * *

Part 3: Jane Fonda’s Kinky Workout

Next Saturday couldn’t come soon enough (pun intended). I arrive at the studio again to the same movie crew, Tanya, Paul the cameraman, Tom the producer and the lovely Cherry Knot. Yet, there was one other person there not present last week who I was introduced to as Janine, the crossdressing star Tanya had mentioned who was very beautiful and convincing. She wasn’t lying.

Both Cherry and Janine happened to be dressed up in their “costumes” already which consisted of spandex thong leotards, super shiny pantyhose, leg warmers and a cute little belt around their waists. This is quite the getup to satisfy that throwback leotard and pantyhose fetish that I guess they were seeking to do. I even remember my own fetish developing from all of those workout videos of the 80’s my mom had. Yet, to this day, it never goes away.

Tanya doesn’t waste time in handing me matching garments to wear: a shiny silver thong leotard, belt, black legs warmers and a pair of black pantyhose that weren’t the Wolfords from before but similar shiny workout tights that Cherry and Janine are wearing. I recognized them as being workout tights from JC Penney which I love to wear.

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Platino Luxe 40, Pantyhose Luxury

Platino Luxe 40 in Vienna shade

There is nothing like opening a package and trying on a new brand of pantyhose, like a kid unwrapping a Christmas gift, and eagerly anticipating how sexy your legs will look. Well, actually it is awaiting how nice and silky they feel just before you accidentally come all over them.

Having the pantyhose fetish that I do, so quite the tester, usually about half of the new pairs I try disappoint me. Either the shade turns out quite repulsive or something about them gives away that they are cheaply made, usually a waistband that likes to roll down as if it were afraid of your belly button. Maybe even its aura is off for me, who knows?

Yet today I wasn’t at all disappointed when trying on my new Platino Luxe 40 pantyhose in a Vienna shade (dark suntan). Actually I had purchased a couple of other Luxe 40 pairs before this one a little over a year ago, one an Ocean shade (blue) and the other Ultra Violetta (purple). I quite enjoyed their feel, snug and silky, yet the colors were a bit wild for my tastes. So they very seldom received their “usage.”

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