You Really Need to Try These

If you are a pantyhose connoisseur, like me, then you would stop at nothing to find what gives you that perfect shine and silky feel. Sometimes that means springing for that $15 exotic European pantyhose or $45 for that luxurious pair of Wolford tights.

The trade-off is an ultimatally glamourous you and likely the best masturbation that follows. Or some exciting leg on leg action (wink wink).

Then we have the ultra-rare pantyhose. The kind which have been out of production for years yet still can be found on eBay for a small fortune. Normally I wouldn’t pay more than what these pantyhose originally cost except for one simple fact:

These pantyhose are super sexy!

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Ask Sheery: Yet Another New Advice Column

Ask Sheery

Having this blog can feel pretty one-dimensional at times. I mean I’m the one doing all the talking while just you sit there and take it all in.

How rude of me!

So, to be polite and maybe let you have a word or two in the conversation, I’m starting this new column, Ask Sheery. This has been an idea of mine for quite a while and now I figure is a good time to give it a whirl. So here we go…

Weekly, I’ll take your questions posted in this or any post comments and answer them in a new post. While I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to answer all of them, I’ll do my best to try.

What should I ask, you say? Here are some topics to get you started:

  • Advice on being a crossdresser
  • Advice for your pantyhose fetish
  • Sexuality
  • Anything on pantyhose, lingerie or any of those girly things we love
  • Personal questions to me

Again, feel free to post your questions below or in any post. I look forward to hearing what you have to say;)


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Confessions in Pantyhose is Back!

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been scribbling my dirty little secrets here. Don’t worry, I’m not dead or have renounced my love of pantyhose or crossdressing. If anything, I have inched a little closer to publicly showing off my silky self to the world.

Well, almost…

Anyway, Confessions in Pantyhose is back and has started off with changes to the website. A sweet little bird has told me that nearly half of you view this website on a mobile device. Apparently you’re smart enough to not surf around here on you’re desktop during work hours. So I gave in and made this site much friendlier to view on a mobile. I hope you like it!

Now that other demands are not keeping me away from here, I finally look forward to carrying out those ideas I’ve had for The Confessions over the last six months including:

  • An Ask Sheery (anything) column
  • More pantyhose reviews (so you can be done with those L’Eggs)
  • More stories to get you’re pantyhose all wet

So stay tuned…

Also, I would appreciate it if you can do me a favor and leave a comment below if you notice the website looks weird or you cannot view it well.


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A Tale of a Crossdressing Fantasy

Pantyhose Ass

This post first started out being a quick afterthought of my deepest crossdressing fantasies (with pantyhose of course), yet somehow blossomed into a longer erotic story. It’s funny how when you start writing about something you can’t stop thinking about, words just flow and you just can’t stop.

More like I don’t want the fantasy to stop either.

So I hope you enjoy my personal fantasy tale and tell me what you think in a comment below. Leave one of your own fantasies (though much shorter) if you so desire.

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Keep “Pantyhose For Men” Out of the Fetish

Levee WoMan Pantyhose for Men

It seemed inevitable, but as pantyhose manufacturers realize that a good majority of sales are from men (a good majority of those from yours truly), then somewhere the light bulb flicked on and thought, hey, we might as well cater to them too.

In fact, from The Columbus Dispatch:

At, a Web site based in Atlanta that offers European brands to buyers in America and worldwide, about 80 percent of sales are now to men.

And we now have an influx of the so-called “mantyhose,” everything a man could want in the woman´s version but tailored specifically to him. How nice of those manufacturers to do for us.

Well, I’ve gone as far as to even try a pair, actually the exact brand in the image above. They certainly weren’t cheap and shoddy and actually fit quite comfortably on my legs and ass. Yet, unfortunately, a major mark against them is that they fail to satisfy the most important task of all:

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So What Exactly Happens Alone, After Slipping On Pantyhose?

Fuscia Baby Doll and Pretty Polly Pantyhose

Fuscia Baby Doll and Pretty Polly Pantyhose

Pantyhose enthusiasts (or fetishists, perverts, weirdos if you’re so inclined) generally have a routine whenever there is a day off with some time to kill or the wife and kids have left you alone for a few days. Ah, yes, now free to see the “mistress” that is our beloved woman´s garment. Yes, that includes myself if you couldn’t tell already. So here’s a little insight to a hot date with a longtime love affair…

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Ulitmate Favorites For A Pantyhose Fetish

As a longtime lover/wearer of pantyhose, I’ve noticed around the web, especially those in the USA, that the preferred taste is somewhat limited. I’m sure many crossdressers and pantyhose enthusiasts still would rather travel to their nearest supermarket and pick out a pair along with their groceries.

Or worse, use the same brand they fell in love with ten years ago and haven’t caught up with the times. Hello L’eggs.

I won’t claim to be the genie for pantyhose fetish tastes but I have sampled a lot (including “playing around” in) and developed my own criteria for judging a pair of hose:

  • It makes me look feminine as opposed to a man in pantyhose
  • Sheer to waist and thick, 40 denier or more
  • It has a nice shine and in my preferred shade
  • It is so soft and sexy, that alone turns me on
  • Durable, doesn’t run after a couple uses

So here we have the winners, in order by favorite:

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Finally, The Encounter (Part 3)

Lovely tranny in teddy and some shiny pantyhose

What I recommend to a date (Flickr: The Poss)

This is part 3 of the tale of my first romp with a transvestite. Read part 1 for the prelude and part 2, the hookup.

Action time! I break out of my “disguise” of jeans and t-shirt to reveal my silky fuscia babydoll and Wolford pantyhose to the lovely Racquel. What a feeling of finally sharing my sexy girly side with another.

My girly cock was thinking the same thing too.

I lied down on her bed and caressed her black stockings with my hosed legs as she approached me. Then the unthinkable happened. She begins to strip down the Wolfords. Uh-oh, instant turn-off.

I don’t think Racquel particularly minded the lingerie and pantyhose (I believe she even called it “cute”) but only saw it as an obstacle to her real desire: get right to the cock.

Ok, so I know we’re not exactly two lesbians going at it but thoughts of manly gay sex began going through my head enough to cause a panic. I always envisioned myself a woman going at it with another hot woman, not two men who put aside their femininity to fuck.

In other words, the Wolfords and the babydoll had to stay on to preserve the “womanly” nature of the fucking.

Fortunately, Racquel played along, began to make fun of me (nicely) and pulled out a pink lace babydoll from her closet, then asked if I like it as she slipped it on. Actually she said, “Will this do, honey?”

Yes it will.

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Peeking Outside the Closet, I Like the View! (Part 2)

Lacey camisole, shiny pantyhose

Lacey camisole, shiny pantyhose

This is part 2 of the tale of my first romp with a transvestite. Read part 1 for the prelude.

Just to recap, I was on the verge of taking a major life turn by venturing out of the lingerie closet and into the transgendered world. Just some mingling with the gurls.

In other words, I was starved for a girly hookup. So why not just do it? Mosey on down to the nearest gay bar or, even better, a gay-friendly neighborhood and everything will probably take care of itself. That was the plan anyway.

Time to prepare. Shower, shave (everything of course), clean out my ass and slip on my favorite silky fuscia babydoll and some Woldford pantyhose. OK, I’m an absolute little bitch when it comes to going out in any kind of en femmme, so a disguise of jeans and a t-shirt went over these.

Alright, take a deep breath. Time to head on down to the gay district, toward the evening time, like a lamb sacrificing itself to the wolves.

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Desperately Seeking Susan

Oh Susan, where art thou? (Flickr: Tractorpirate)

Not too long ago, after a failed attempt at seducing a (real) woman, I came to a sudden conclusion.

A little background first. It has always been a deep, dark fantasy of mine to hook up with another transvestite counterpart but living it out in real life carries some issues, especially for a crossdresser that has been hetero all her life.

  • I’ll be crossing into the bisexual barrier with no turning back. I have nothing but respect for being gay or bisexual, but it’s a major decision for someone who has has only known being hetero, you know.
  • What if I don’t like the experience? Will I feel “weird” and require therapy? Ok, maybe the therapy is a stretch but they are plausible questions.
  • Will I find myself transforming from a closet crossdresser to a full time transvestite? Again, it’s a major decision and requires a major life change.
  • Will my friends, oblivious to my crossdressing, eventually find out? I live in two distinct worlds that haven’t collided yet.

Of course, with the cons come the pros:

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